Finding Hot, Best-Selling Products to Promote

In order to locate the best selling products on the Web, we need to know what people already want to buy, and understand why such products are selling faster than other similar products. Learning what others consider to be a good choice of presentation or product is most often accompanied by researching and analyzing the demand for that product in the then current market, as well as the level of competition or market share (competitive edge) such a product will have in the long run.

Thus the questions: “What should I sell?” And “What products are hot and selling fast?”

These questions are asked most frequently by marketers trying to find an answer to them in order to make definite and informed decisions; but if we really want to know the answer to such questions, our smartest choice would be to do some research. There are all kinds of complexities that may lead an individual (marketer or product creator) to believe s/he has a high in-demand idea; and among these complexities is being able to understand and satisfy the need, wants and expectations of customers as they relate to products they may want to buy.

Think of these customer signals as their basic needs or minimum requirements that must be present in any purchase, since needs are the basic reasons consumers usually look to purchase a product or service in the first place. These needs are also referred to as “qualifying” or “gatekeeper” dimensions in a purchase. Wants are also determining factors in many choices; and expectations can be thought of in terms of values or intangibles associated with a product or service.

Expectations are actually part of “wants” but they become extremely important when products or services are not differentiated. For example, in reading a logic book, university students look for the following: Relevant logic concepts, use of simple language, easy to understand and affordable prices. Similar ideas can be applied to Internet sales as well, keeping in mind that the Internet is just another place to sell products. The basic concept of demand is the same in this marketplace as it is anywhere else, and is unlikely to change.

That having been said, let’s take a look at another concept which must be considered in finding “hot” products to sell. The level of competition or market share your product will have once it is concieved, created (manufactured?) and made ready for marketing. Market share or level of competition can be translated to mean: the ratio of your brand sales versus the total market sales.

While companies would naturally define its target competitors, it is actually consumers who ultimately decide the competitive frame, or the list related products or services that they consider when exercising their purchasing power. We must therefore choose the market segment in which we can have assume a leadership position, or at least pose a strong challenge to the existing leader.

It is important to understand that the overriding objective for getting into the affiliate marketing business is not simply to satisfy the needs and wants of customers, but to do so while profitting at a better rate than the competition. Otherwise, our competition will end up satisfying our customers better than we can, thereby capturing – or continuing to capture and maintain greater market share.

Third factor to be considered in finding hot best selling products is learning what the general interest level in the product is. General interest in a product helps us marketers to gauge where our demand and competition numbers fall in the big picture. Simply saying, if there isn’t much demand for a given product, or there isn’t much competition, would seem to give one the idea it might not be good to put the product up for sale.

However, the research doesn’t stop since there is one last factor to be considered in order to more precisely find those hot selling products being sought. We must also learn how others are advertising those products; and if there is a good number of them doing so, it may mean that it’s a good product to promote and sell. Coming to the last phase of the process is analyzing and evaluating all the information that has been collected.

We have to look at all of the data we’ve collected on demand, competition, and advertising; and then make decision as how they all balance out. So here are several factors and aspects that must be measured:

  • Not enough demand means not enough people are going to buy;
  • Too much competition means not enough of a profit to go around
  • Too much advertising drives up the price of pay per click ads, and competition as well
  • Not enough general interest, combined with low demand, means there may not be a good market even if there is competition trying to make the sales.

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