Smart Cost-Cutting Makes You Money-Wise

It’s September 2013 and, if you have been keeping up with current economic events, you are already aware of the fact that many of your fellow citizens are finding it harder and harder to stretch their budget dollar. Some who used to love going shopping are these days making their trips short and sweet while strictly adhering to their shopping lists, because they are acutely aware of all the bills that must be paid in a month, and still they must find a way to save.

It is said that, it’s not how much you earn that ensures a comfortable and secure future, but how much you save and keep saved that matters as it relates to those future goals. This emphasizes why it is so very important to save money especially when it comes to your ever present monthly bills.

Some people do not just realize it, and others see it as insignificant; but there is substantial evidence accumulated over the years that saving on a family’s monthly bills can provide the best money-saving opportunities for creating a satisfactory nest egg for that family’s future future.

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Here’s how:

1. Turn off appliances and lights when not in use

The logic is basically simple. Why would you leave something turned on when nobody is going to use it? That’s definitely a bad habit.

Hence, if you really want to cut back some on your electricity bill, always turn off the lights and your appliances when not in use.

2. Use energy-saving lights

Nowadays, saving on your electricity bill is not impossible because you can opt for energy-saving devices such as lights. Using these energy-saving lights such as fluorescent lights consumes lower amounts of energy but can still give the suitable amount of illumination.

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3. Check for plumbing leaks

Wasted water due to leaks, drips and failure to turn off the faucets can create a lot of extra gallons on your monthly water bills if you do not check on the things that might cause your water bill to rise higher. You can prevent this by ensuring that every pipe is free from any leaks and every faucet is turned off completely.

Some people do not realize that single drops from leaking pipes could mean additional costs on your water bill, but the smallest amount of waste on a daily basis can be very meaningful.

4. Be more tech-savvy

Cut your phone bill to almost half by simply being tech-savvy. That is, opt for sending messages by email and chatting services on the Internet instead of using your phone to call long distance to your relatives and friends. However, if you must communicate by phone subscribe to a VOIP service which is much more affordable.

5. Try to insulate your home

Insulating your home is a definite energy-saver and money-saving scheme. You will never know how much money you can save on your electricity bill when you start to insulate your home. Indeed, it is among the other cost-cutting suggestions made here and on other posts that can definitely help you to save more money. You just have to be wise with the use of your home and everything that is attached to it.

Save Money and Save the World for Your Future

A good future for you and your family depends a lot on saving money today. It’s really that simple if you don’t want to take chances by treating your future like a card game which you can win or lose. Understanding that none of us can foresee waht’s in store for our future, we must act as if we will be alive and well decades from now, and long after that; which means we must prepare for that future by saving money now.

Putting money aside is perhaps the most certain way to ensure that you make yourself able and ready for whatever big plans you have ahead, be it getting a new house, buying a car, sending a kid to college or even a grand vacation; but most importantly it can insure that your years of retirement are financially secure and enjoyable. Isn’t that what retirement is all about any way?

There are many ways to save money which can range from setting aside a portion of your monthly paycheck to avoiding the little spending – or big splurging – temptations for you that come your way ever so often. You know the ones I’m referring to: The latest model 50′ TV, instead of a more modest version; the Infinity or Lexus, when a Chevvy or Ford will suffice; etc., etc. Make saving-for-the-future your goal and stick to it.

In business for yourself, not by yourself!
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Following are a few tips you can use to help you accomplish your saving goals and objectives:

Involve your entire family

Family Participation – To make your as effective as it can possibly be you must find a way to incorporate your money saving plan into your way of life to . It is best that the effort to save be shared by everyone in the family.

Little efforts

Avoid driving – Unless you really have to drive, just take a walk or take the bus. Riding a bike can also be very good for your body. Have a car pool with friends if getting to your office or work place requires you to drive. You can also suggest doing errands together like trips to the grocery store.

refrain from being taken in by the little temptations that may come your way. It is naturally fine to reward yourself after a hard work day every now and then, but do stay away from splurging. Cut back on your expenses.

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Use less energy

Electricity – Turn off appliances that are not used. Turn the TV off if the show is not worth it. Close the refrigerator after getting what you need. Use lower wattage bulbs for rooms that do not need much lighting. These will definitely add more to your savings account!

Water – Check for any leaks in your pipes. Always make sure that the faucet is not dripping. Avoid long showers. Use a glass when brushing your teeth instead of leaving the faucet running; and if you prefer to use the faucet, turn it off while you’re in the act of brushing.

Phone -– Choose a provider that has savings plans especially for long-distance calls. In fact, if you have a computer and access to the Internet, make sure to contact a company that offers VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. This will slash your telephone bill to less than 50% of your traditional land-line phone service.

Gas – Have your car tuned up so you can save on gas. Get membership benefits also from stations. Fill up the tank when the prices go low. You can also do a research on gas saving cars if you have to purchase a new one. Turn off the air conditioning. If there is no need for that, simply keep the windows open. Enjoy the ride and the cool wind.

You may not realized this before, but your household’s basic utilities can actually be your key to saving more money. This has a two-way benefit. You get to save some dollars for your family. You also contribute in addressing the energy crisis.