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Tony Phillips is a Web Services Consultant (WSC) based in Woodbridge, NJ. Most of his professional years were spent in commission sales. Tony worked as a real estate sales associate, after which he started his own agency and served as the real estate broker and mortgage broker for six years before starting a new career in the mortgage banking industry. Tony spent the last twelve years of his sales career in the position of mortgage lender representative.

As a Web Services Consultant, Tony manages the online activities and business operations of TPJaveton & Associates, a Web-based entity he established at his New Jersey residence in 2009 with the intentions of adding another income source after leaving the mortgage lending business. However, his departure from mortgage lending came sooner than he – or anyone who was close to him – had anticipated.

In the latter part of 2009, Tony was diagnosed with a condition which affected the vision in one of his eyes, so he made the decision to devote more time to learning all he could about the Web, and how he could utilize it in a manner that would permit him to eventually equal or exceed the income from his mortgage lender rep position.


Over the last four years Tony has written several articles, some of which were published to websites he created on the Weebly platform, and more recently on three self-hosted blog-sites from Other articles Tony has written were submitted to article directories and distribution websites with most of them going to Isnare, and a few on SelfGrowth and VideoJug Pages.

Tony has expressed, on more than one occasion, how proud he is to be a member of GVO, and is equally excited about his memberships in WCN (Wealth Creations Network) and Resell Rights Weekly, even though he currently owns approximately 30 of his own websites/Web pages. His most recently created sites cover a range of topics and niches such as Blogging, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and CPA Marketing, among others.

Hard work and long hours are not unfamiliar to Tony, who throughout a very demanding and results-oriented career, worked many 11 and 12 hour days; But one thing he has always understood and believed in was discipline. That’s why he finds so much truth and eloquence in this short Brian Tracy article titled “Self-Discipline for Success”:

“Self-discipline is its own reward. Not only does it pay off in terms of greater self-esteem and a more positive mental attitude, but it pays off throughout your life in terms of the goals that you achieve and the success that you attain in everything you do.

Self-discipline is a skill and a habit that can be learned by practice. Every time you practice a little self-discipline, you become stronger and stronger. Bit by bit, you become more capable of even greater disciplines.

As you become a totally self-disciplined individual, your entire future opens up in front of you like a broad highway. Everything becomes possible for you and your future becomes unlimited.”

Brian Tracy


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