Office Chairs for Reception & Conference Rooms

The reception chair

The reception room office chair – The quality of your reception chairs is often reflective of that old adage, “you only get one chance to make a good impression;” so in you own or manage an office business, you’ll want to make sure that guests and clients of your business are as comfortable as they can be while they wait for an appointment. Reception chairs are popular outside of the office environment as well, as schools and even churches use them.

Reception chairs are truly an asset to have around since they will provide a friendly atmosphere and leave a long lasting positive impression on your guests. By using these specialized chairs in your office, guests will feel cozy and right at home, if operate a home-based business and have your office in your residence. You can also place your chairs around a desk or coffee table in the waiting area with a stack of magazines for your guests to read.

When shopping for reception room office chairs, one of the most important decisions you can make will be in finding chairs that will make people of all height and weight classes comfortable. In so doing you’ll want to provide chairs with adjustable options for the height, depth of the backrest, and even the arm rests. The typical reception chair is very durable and can last up to 15 years – with each guest along the way being comfortable each and every time s/he sits in that chair.

Almost all reception chairs have a strong and stable frame that will provide the maximum level of ergonomic benefits to the sitter’s back . You can even get your chairs with different options as well including leather, vinyl and/or fabric, in addition to selecting the colors and padding for your chair seats.

As with many office-type businesses, if yours has an a waiting room/area, you shouldn’t hesitate to add well designed and stylish reception chairs. These types of chairs will provide that “home-away-from-home” feeling, and give your office the look and feel your guests will love to come back to.

The conference chair

The conference room office chair – Finding the right conference room office chairs could be quite a challenging task, as there may be several things to take into consideration, including but not limited to, the comfort of your clients and guests, as is true with reception room office chairs; as well as keeping within your office furniture budget. Of course an ideal scenario would be to ensure your clients comfort, and staying within your budget without compromising the professional appearance of your office.

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Understanding that your guests and clients may be sitting for extended periods of time, the chairs you choose should be ergonomic for all body types, as mentioned earlier for reception office chairs. Because it is reasonable to assume that the more comfortable the chairs in your conference room are, the less of a likelihood that your guests will have to take breaks or get up during meetings.

Certain conference room chairs will offer a contoured seat and back that will allow sitters to adjust the chair seat height and angle of for better lumbar support; but most of these chairs offer a swivel mechanism that will allow the user to move from side to side with little or no effort. These chairs can also be delivered with sturdy wheels as well, a feature which is ideal for sliding across an office floor even if it’s carpeted.

If you don’t want to scratch your highly polished office floor, you can request rubber tipped casters on the roller wheels. In addition to the above features conference room chairs also provides a tilt tension to keep muscles flexible during meetings. You, as the office owner / manager can also add chair arms, which will help to provide extra support while helping guests and clients maintain good posture.

Something else to consider is the look feel of your conference room chairs. Meaning that, if possible, you should try to select designs and colors that match the current look of your office or conference room. You’ll want all the chairs in your room to be consistent in both style and color, while complementing the overall decor of your office.

Modifications permitted

The power & the money!

A majority of chair manufacturers will allow you to customize the upholstery of the back and seat of your reception room office chairs with leather, synthetic blends, padded foam, or even stitched fabrics; and if you wish to make the chair look a bit more professional, you can also have the arms of the chair upholstered.

When you spend the money on a conference room office chair – or for that matter, even a reception room chair – you can’t go wrong simply because of the durability these chairs offer. They offer strong frames and quality mechanics, making them last anywhere from 10 – 15 years. In addition, most manufacturers will offer limited lifetime warranties on these chairs to protect your investment in the long run. These types of warranties will cover the frame, mechanisms, and even severe rips in the upholstery.

The conference room office chair, like the reception room office chair, is a great investment for any office, as it will keep your guests and clients very comfortable during those important meetings. Let’s face it, a conference room without a conference chair just isn’t very practical, is it? And the same can certainly be said about reception room office chairs, right?