Cheap Prices and Buying Tips

Low-budget items

If you own or manage an office-based business (accounting, law, real estate, etc.), the price you pay for a good office chair should be in the range of $250 to $350; and even though the price of top-of-the-line office chairs can range in the thousands of dollars, they are usually no more comfortable than a $300 dollar chair. One reason for this is the high cost of the particular brand name tacked on to the item and not the item itself.

Many office businesses are forced to operate on a budget and, as such, cannot afford to spend a lot of money on office chairs, especially when less expensive chairs are available for around 100 dollars per model. One example of where lower-priced chairs can be found is Global and Wallace, a company which often has the lowest-priced (or best low-budget) office chairs available. However, as a low-budget office chair buyer, you should be aware of the pros and cons involved.

Ask about repairs & discounts

Whenever repairs are required for your office chairs, you should ask if parts can be replaced; and if parts have to be shipped to your office, you should also find out who is responsible for shipping charges, as such charges be quite expensive. On the other hand, if shipping is not required you’ll need to find out about delivery, including date, time and whether the delivery company is owned and operated by the selling company or an independent company.

Discounting is very prevalent among office furniture dealers, such that even if your purchase is limited to only one office chair, you can still get up to a 30 percent discount off the suggested retail price. As a condition of such discounting, the more office chairs you buy you can expect to get ever increasing discounts on those purchases.

It is therefore always a smart decision to buy your office chairs in bulk; especially if you have a lot of employees, in which case you’ll save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. Saving money is something everyone likes to do, especially when it comes to their business offices and the furniture which must necessarily adorn it.


Another aspect of office chair purchases has to do with trials, in the sense that when you intend to make a substantial purchase of office chairs at one time, you should ask for a few trial chairs to be brought to your office prior to your decision to close the deal. This way, you can get your employees input by letting them vote for the chairs they like best; because even though a standard chair will be sufficient for most people, it may be necessary to purchase other chairs as well.

For example, taller people will need special chairs, as well as those employees who weigh a little more (or a lot more) than the average individual. No one chair will work for everyone, as the human body comes in various different shapes and sizes.

Maximizing comfort

You can purchase your chairs either locally, or online based on your preference; but due to the increased selection available online you may be able to get them at cheaper prices, although you still have to worry about shipping charges. Buying locally allows you to physically feel the chairs, sit in them and test their sturdiness; and in this sense buying local may be the best; even if you are buying many different office chairs it may be beneficial but delivery will still be necessary.

Those planning on getting the most from their office and employees should look into the most comfortable office chairs for the money. Employees will feel and work much better with comfortable chairs, which is reason enough to make the investment while getting the best quality chairs without having to lay out extra dollars for a manufacturers brand name.

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How Back-End Selling Impacts Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the kind of business in which all participants – most active and a few who still receive residual income – in the program will benefit in the sense that each time an affiliate refers one of his/her website visitors to a merchant’s website s/he will earn income. On the other end, the merchant will benefit by being able to produce sales without spending a lot of money for advertising and promotion.

Since the primary objective of Internet-based marketing is to increase earnings, both affiliate and merchant should consider the practice of back-end selling and apply the concept to their business models. Back-end selling is a great and well known support mechanism for affiliate marketing, as it can greatly enhance all earnings produced from the business of affiliate marketing.

The simplest way to describe back-end selling is, “selling after the sale.” In other words, when a buying customer is referred by an affiliate marketer to a particular merchant, any sale that is made to that same customer after the initial sale is referred to as a back-end sale; the product is referred to as a back-end product and process is known as “back-end selling.”

As a result of any initial sales made to the customer, a three way relationship will have been established between the affiliate marketer with whom that customer came in contact first; and the merchant, from whom the customer made a satisfactory purchase; and as such there is a level of trust between them.

Therefore based on this level of trust, selling the back-end product may actually be easier than making the initial sale. It is for this reason that back-end selling has helped to boost sales for both online and offline businesses for so many years, and thus has been recognized as an effective method of increasing sales and doing more, and better business.

The method works for a variety of reasons, the most logical of which is, if the customer is happy with an initial product that was purchased, s/he’ll likely be happy with other products from the same merchant or offline distributor and therefore make another purchase the same day or return at some future time to buy again.

The normal technique with back-end selling is to make the customer aware of other products, as these products can cater to other needs that s/he may have; so that when the customer becomes aware of the second or back-end products, s/he will take a look at it and perhaps make a purchase of that and future products offered by the same business.

The technique of back-end selling has been both known and proven to be very powerful in augmenting the income of numerous companies. Furthermore, back-end selling has helped hundreds of online companies to flourish and expand. Back-end selling is a proven sales strategy which, when used correctly, can work very well in affiliate marketing and other sales oriented industries.

Affiliate marketing will attract many new customers and leads to both marketer and merchant as a result of the initial sale; and while this strategy will certainly build loyalty among the buyers, it will also continue to be a major ingredient in creating a winning formula in affiliate marketing.

Each and every affiliate should look into the financial promise held by back-end selling; and when such a sales and marketing strategy is combined with affiliate marketing, the two of these elements can greatly enhanced the earnings of affiliate marketers big and small for years to come.