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To start with

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Web Marketing has become a sophisticated and creative way to promote (and sell) a product or service to the largest number of potential buyers, regardless of the physical location of your (brick and mortar) store. In fact, depending on the product or service you’re selling, you may not even need a brick and mortar store or “offline” establishment because marketing on the Web requires neither.

You can literally begin doing business on the Web with just a few simple tools which I refer to as Web marketing basics. First you’ll need a website or blog. Second, you’ll need web hosting in order to get your website or blog on the Web (Internet). And third you’ll need traffic (or visitors) to your website or blog so that your product/service can be exposed to potential buyers.

What & how to promote

The Web marketing basics mentioned above apply to would-be web marketers who already have a product or service to sell but need Web exposure. However, if you do not already have your own product or service but still wish to start your own Web marketing career, you’ll need to add a fourth step. Promote and sell other people’s products/services. You can do this by joining affiliate networks such as, clickBank, LinkShare, Covert Commissions and other similar affiliate networks.

Once you have your basics, it is time to start promoting and competing against other web marketers (and there are many), so a big part of your new job/career as a Web marketer is learning (getting training, tutoring, etc.), optimizing your website/blog, tweaking your message (adding content to your website/blog), and advertising your business (product/service) which is necessary to drive more traffic to it.

Startup costs

So what will it cost (you knew there would be a cost, right?) to get your business up and running with just a few Web marketing basics? The answer is: Not much, if you use the right sources. Creating the website or blog cost nothing if you have some knowledge of HTML. Web hosting cost less then $10.00 per month for 4 websites if you deal with the right Web Host.

Traffic to your website/blog – although the most costly of the basics – could be less than $100.00 if you are willing to work hard and learn a little more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and prepare (optimize) your website/blog so that it appeals to the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

A lesser cost startup

Let’s face it, even if you have to shell out $100.00 to start a new career in web marketing, it’s a lot less than starting a brick and mortar business in your local business district which could run in the $Thousands or $Tens-of-Thousands.

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