Inclusive Keyword Research Yields Best Results

About keywords and their usage

Keywords are terms or words that relate to particular topics, themes or niches; and these keywords are often used by Internet marketers, website publishers and advertisers to drive generic traffic (Internet users) to their websites and product pages; but keyword research will involve various aspects, such as finding sales oriented keywords or driving maximum qualified users to increase their online sales.

Keyword research is the first step towards a successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign; but you have to be very careful when selecting these keywords, as such a selection can be very tricky since it involves selecting targeted keywords for a particular website or product page.

The selection of keywords should always be based on various aspects, including product names, services, brands, or general terms; but very often individuals researching keywords forget about targeting geographical terms, especially when they have a global presence. So inclusive keyword research – which means all aspects of keyword research and selection – must be your goal if the research is to be effective and yield optimum results.

All inclusive keyword research

When doing keyword research, it's highly recommended to do a very thorough market research analysis to find the best keywords used by search engines and directories to find products and services online - and find out which keywords are targeted by competitors who are doing well in their Internet marketing activities.

The first step in finding the best keywords is to make a list of the products, topics, and services that you offer. In addition, you can certainly make good use of your website logs as a source from which to learn which keywords have brought you the traffic in the past.

Be sure to select keywords that clearly define your business and products to drive traffic from the search engines and directories; and make good use of the information which is obtainable from those websites that attract get high levels of traffic through general keywords, although they might not end up being sales.

Keywords for search engines and directories

Today, users of search engines and directories are aware of how they work for searching products and services on the net, based on the understanding that these users always look for the better products, locations, niches, etc. Therefore, you should cover all terms for each type of keyword: products, locations and niches.

There are numerous tools available which will help you identify keywords that are effective for attracting search engines; but the challenge here is to determine which keyword is the best to attract generic traffic from the major three search engines, as well as those that are lesser known. Keep in mind also that certain directories can generate as much traffic as search engines, depending on the subject matter.