How a Georgia Tax Attorney Can Help You

Laws are flawed

Taxes are based on laws, and since laws are made by human beings, making them therefore imperfect; so if you are faced with a problem related to tax payments, a lack thereof, or impending penalties due to delinquent tax payments, a good Georgia tax attorney can help you because of this inherent imperfection in the laws; more specifically, the tax laws. How? Well first of all, let us consider the factor of time: No man can predict what will happen in the future, especially as new technologies and industries are developed on a continual basis. And because of this state of flux in the marketplace, no law can truly be expected cover every event that takes place.

A good Georgia tax attorney can help you by making use of the time factor to find loopholes in tax laws, since s/he is more likely to be knowledgeable, smart and creative which are a few of the qualifications required to successfully assist you in your dilemma. Of course it does involve a lot of research and familiarization with the history of tax laws and the various factors affecting those laws. By finding certain laws that could serve you and not burden you, a good Georgia tax attorney would be able to help you solve your tax problems.


There is also the matter of interpretation as all tax laws can be interpreted in different ways; and being a savvy and experienced provider of legal services, a good Georgia tax attorney would be able to spot any ambiguity or erroneous interpretation in tax laws to help you with your case. Any Georgia tax attorney who is skilled in the legal arena will be able to show you a number of different ways to interpret tax laws in light of various statutes, the internal revenue code, IRS rulings and a number of other legal standards. This means that you will have multiple different legal solutions at your disposal to effectively meet your tax challenges.

There is always the question of what is effective and what is creative. You might be able to find a Georgia tax attorney who could tell you how to solve a problem the conventional legal way. This is an “effective” Georgia tax attorney. However, there are a few who are able to “think outside the box.” These Georgia tax attorneys can look at a problem from very unique perspectives, in the sense that a Georgia tax attorney who is creative can solve a problem and save you a lot of time and money in the process.

Finding common ground

The general view held by people today is that we live in a world of compromise; and they might be right for the most part, but in this world today, there are no absolutes, not even taxes. Having said that, many who are faced with challenges related to taxes will find that a good Georgia tax attorney is capable of devising and even brokering a compromise between you and the IRS in a manner which enables to actually settle with the IRS. You may ask, how? So read on!

The IRS itself knows how complicated tax laws can be, but they also know that they are capable of error and because of this percieved (acknowledged in many cases) vulnerability, they are willing to negotiate with any individual – or even a corporate entity – who realizes that the tax laws aren’t perfect. A good Georgia tax attorney can help you by coming into agreement with the IRS and helping to create a favorable enough conditions to induce the IRS to give you a break. This of course, is only possible if you actually can prove that some sort of error did occur.

Benefits to you

Good Georgia tax attorneys will be able to help you if s/he has extensive experience in dealing with the IRS. This is because s/he would know what the tendencies are of running the agency. Through extensive experience dealing with the IRS, a Georgia tax attorney may be able to “get into their heads” more often than not and settle with them in a way that would be most beneficial for you. This is one of the ways a good Georgia tax attorney may be able to help you.

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