Food Expense Slashing Tips and Techniques

Thinking of cutting down your food expenses? Then you should read the following tips and techniques. They will surely help you in reducing your food expenses. This is by no means a comprehensive list of money-saving solutions but what is included should be very useful in formulating your own unique method for slashing food expense in your budget.

Coffee drinker? Bread lover?

If you are a coffee drinker you may have heard it said that re-using the grounded coffee once is a good idea; and it’s something that has been used by – and has worked for – others to help them save money. Using coffee grounds two times or more will not greatly affect the taste of the coffee, but it is highly recommended that you use a filter that is permanent and avoid the paper variety. Keep the grounds refrigerated until you are ready to use it the following day.

If you are a For bread lover you know rthat grocery stores sell bread that was made the previous day at a much lower prices. There is nothing wrong with eating day-old bread since it is still good to eat, so if you have a lot of space in your refrigerator, store a lot for bigger savings. When you’re ready to eat the bread, you can defrost it using your microwave oven. Re-heat it every 30 seconds to prevent the edges from getting too hard.

When buying from the supermarket

Before going to the supermarket, you should have already made a list of all the things you really need. Prioritize basic goods and avoid buying things that you do not really need. Observe the prices indicated on the price tags. Remember, name brand products cost considerably more than store brands.

It is also a good idea to keep the receipt of your previous trip to the grocery and make it as a basis for your purchases on your next trip. To have higher savings, buy more of the product. You can always store it in your refrigerator or in an appropriate place at your house to minimize too many trips to the super market.

When eating out

If you are going to eat in a pricey restaurant, the best time for you to go there would be during lunch. Food during lunch usually costs less and this will be to your advantage. When staying at the hotel on trips out of town, it is a good idea to check if they also include breakfast in your total room charge.

You should also find out where the locals eat. Chances are, they will eat where the food is great and the price is even better. When travelling, take with you a few snacks and drinks or bottled water. A chocolate bar, chips, and cookies will go a long way while travelling away from home.

Eating cheaply does not necessarily mean eating bad food. Look around and you will be suprised at the options you can choose from. Take time and consider your choices so that you will not only eat a lot but slash your dietary expenses as well.

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