Alternate Transportation Ideas that Save Money

As we grapple with ever increasing prices every year for everything from a loaf of bread to a pound of your chosen meat or poultry, one of the most constant and upwardly changing prices is what we pay for gas.

It is certainly understandable why transportation is among the biggest factors that make many household budgets difficult to adhere to; but without some restraints in your gas usage, it may be extremely difficult to control budget expenses. So here are a few steps you can take to help save money on transportation:

1. To save money, you must always check on your vehicle regularly. A well-maintained vehicle can get you out of trouble on repair expenses. You can actually spend only $50 on maintaining your vehicle and save up to $800 on repair costs in a year. You can even save more if you do the maintenance yourself (if you are able to) and not bring your car into an auto shop.

2. If you want to save more money, it is recommended that you not buy a new car. The value of a car depreciates automatically when you drive it off the showroom floor of your car dealership. You may buy a car that is used (at least one year old). it is estimated that a year old will save you thousands of dollars as compared to the actual value of the car when it was new. The owner will then pay all the depreciated value of that year old car.

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3. Save money on buying used cars by comparing the prices of the car dealerships and the actual price on the list of the used car dealer ads. To ensure the car that you buy is well conditioned, you might want to ask for the help of a mechanic to check if the car is good enough based on its price tag. It is better to buy a used car from a person you know and trust. This will help you make sure that you have a good deal in acquiring a car.

4. Try to compare gasoline rates. You may refuel your car with the gasoline station that offers the lowest price on gasoline. You can even save more by pumping gas yourself (acknowledging that in some states this is not permissible) and use the lowest octane in your car’s manual. It is also recommended that you pay cash as opposed to credit cards which charge extra in the form of interest. Do not forget to check the gas cap if it is tightened to ensure no gas spills out.

5. Always keep your engine tuned-up and have your tires inflated to their desired pressure (you can find the recommended tire pressure on the inside of your driver’s door) to save you even more money. A well-maintained engine consumes less gas. Keep your car’s trunk clean and free of junk and other unnecessary items to save more fuel. Heavy loads in your vehicle can consume more fuel because of the excess weight it carries.

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6. Try to limit the use of your car for daily routines, if possible. Depending on where you live it may be possible to take the bus or subway; you can even ride a bike where possible in order to save money on gasoline. One of the benefits of not driving is the time you save by ignoring the traffic and traffic jams that you encounter everyday behind the wheel of your own car. Leave the car at home and reduce stress, while saving money on gas.

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