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Website Publishing – A Basic Marketing Strategy

Chances are that if you have been marketing on the Web for a reasonable period that you already have a website; And you may recall how popular the create-a-website trend was back in the mid-nineties when everybody wanted to get have a website created but many people couldn’t do it themselves and/or couldn’t afford to have one created.

Today, the creation of a website, although consisting of very precise steps in order to get it right, is rather inexpensive and the process has been simplified to some extent making it possible for someone like me to have created several websites in the last two and a half years.

That doesn’t mean that you can take too many shortcuts, because a website must still be properly optimized, you still need to register a domain, get hosting for it and install relevant content on your website if you want to get visitors to it or be noticed by the search engines (namely Google, Yahoo & Bing); but here’s the thing, having a website up and running and marketing through Website Publishing are two completely different things, so we’re going to discuss how to market using Website Publishing.

A Landing Page should look good and hold your visitor’s interest

A landing page is a single web page. It can be a page on your website or separate from your site, but it must be the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an ad or a link in the search engine results.

In Web marketing, the purpose of a landing page is primarily to generate a lead or create a conversion. A conversion is generally defined as a click to another page on your website, another site altogether, a sign-up or inquiry, a phone call, or your ultimate objective of the purchase of your product or service.

The design of your Landing Page must be conducive to getting the required action quickly, therefore any information or other content that would be distract your visitors from the desired action meaning the conversion must be avoided. Landing Pages serve one purpose, and that is to invoke an action, therefore they must have a clear and compelling call to action, and should be tested for best results. So, to sum it up a landing page must be optimized for call to action activity that creates more business for the website publisher/owner.

Questions relating to SEO will certainly require your attention

What kind of website do you want to create? What’s important to you? A website that displays your product and services in a beautiful way? Or one that is properly optimized that will attract a rush of traffic? If You’re smart and diligent and have spent hours upon hours and money in order to get everything done right and so that your website will work smoothly and correctly, you would probably create a very attractive website, but if it was poorly optimized, and no one visits it, all the time and money you invested would be lost.

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