Many attorneys have their practices in a home office, although it can be argued that a majority of “high powered” lawyers run their business predominantly from multi-floored office buildings found in our nation’s towns and cities. Some tax accountants and prepares work from a home office and others from commercial spaces like storefronts and office buildings.

Cheap Prices and Buying Tips

If you own or manage an office-based business (accounting, law, real estate, etc.), the price you pay for a good office chair should be in the range of $250 to $350; and even though the price of top-of-the-line office chairs can range in the thousands of dollars, they are usually no more
comfortable than a $300 dollar chair. One reason for this is the high cost of the particular brand name tacked on to the item and not the item itself.

Many office businesses are forced to operate on a budget, and as such cannot afford to spend a lot of money on office chairs, especially when less expensive chairs are available for around 100 dollars per model. One example of where lower-priced chairs can be found is Global and Wallace, a company which often has the lowest-priced (or best low-budget) office chairs available. However, as a low-budget office chair buyer, you should be aware of the pros and cons involved.

Ask about repairs

Whenever repairs are required for your office chairs, you should ask if parts can be replaced; and if parts have to be shipped to your office, you should also find out who is responsible for shipping charges, as such charges be quite expensive. On the other hand, if shipping is not required you’ll need to find out about delivery, including date, time and whether the delivery company is owned and operated by the selling company or an independent company.


Discounting is very prevalent among office furniture dealers, such that even if your purchase is limited to only one office chair, you can still get up to a 30 percent discount off the suggested retail price. As a condition of such discounting, the more office chairs you buy you can expect to get ever increasing discounts on those purchases.

It is therefore always a smart decision to buy your office chairs in bulk; especially if you have a lot of employees, in which case you’ll save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. Saving money is something everyone likes to do, especially when it comes to their business offices and the furniture which must necessarily adorn it.


Another aspect of office chair purchases has to do with trials, in the sense that when you intend to make a substantial purchase of office chairs at one time, you should ask for a few trial chairs to be brought to your office prior to your decision to close the deal. This way, you can get your employees input by letting them vote for the chairs they like best; because even though a standard chair will be sufficient for most people, it may be necessary to purchase other chairs as well.

For example, taller people will need special chairs, as well as those employees who weigh a little more (or a lot more) than the average individual. No one chair will work for everyone, as the human body comes in various different shapes and sizes.

Making your decision

You can purchase your chairs either locally, or online based on your preference; but due to the increased selection available online you may be able to get them at cheaper prices, although you still have to worry about shipping charges. Buying locally allows you to physically feel the chairs, sit in them and test their sturdiness; and in this sense buying local may be the best, and if you are buying many different office chairs it may also be beneficial but delivery is still necessary.

Those planning on getting the most from their office and employees should look into the most comfortable office chairs for the money. Employees will feel and work much better with comfortable chairs, which is reason enough to make the investment while getting the best quality chairs without having to lay out extra dollars for a manufacturers brand name.

Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

Each industry has a variety of specific requirements that an employee has to meet, and while a professional sales person may not always be considered an “employee,” depending on the company or organization with which s/he is associated, there are industry-specific requirements which they must meet also.

That having been said, sales professionals in search of positions in their industry of choice must always be as prepared as possible in such a competitive environment as professional sales. So, to assist you in preparing for a highly sought after and rewarding position – including a confident and effective interview – the following might be of some value.

1) Research – In order to be prepared on your interview, you should learn important facts about the company beforehand.

  • The internet is one of the best ways to search for information; and most companies provide their own informational websites. Study the content of the company’s website; know their histories, goals, and information about the top executives.
  • By using search engines on the Internet, you could also obtain news about such things as progress the company has made, its past projects and issues, and organizations in which it has a membership, or to which it makes regular contributions.
  • Review the stock market chart of the company. Since majority of shares are publicly traded, you could examine recent stock prices and learn its successes and difficulties of its market performances over the past years. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a company will help you in the interview.
  • Get as much information as possible about its competitors. When you read articles about the market space, you will find out who are the leaders in that particular market and you will then find that company’s competitors. Having this knowledge could help you during the interview since you will be able to intelligently discuss why that company is better (more appealing?) than its competitors.

2) Attitude – Having the right attitude towards the interview and the job itself would go a long way in ensuring the position is yours.

  • Majority of successful sales professionals have a unique energy that you can feel. They command a presence and has the unique ability to hold an audience’s attention. Be energetic about the job and interview.
  • Be enthusiastic also, since it is said that enthusiasm is contagious. Because you have done your research about the company and its competitors, those tasked with interviewing you will appreciate your enthusiasm and interest about the position.

3) Preparation – The position you desire could be yours as long as you show up prepared.

  • Create a presentation by researching the products and services of the company. Be prepared to speak directly and intelligently about the company’s products/services, activities, industry and leadership.
  • Provide statistics and industry related facts in your presentation. This goes to show that, not only are you enthusiastic about the job, but you are also aware of the industry as a whole.
  • An undeniable fact about a position or career in sales is that, it is numbers-oriented. If you are asked about your ability to deal with numbers, simply provide them with production reports, past employment lists or a W-2 form of your yearly earnings.

By successfully performing these basic steps, your coveted sales job could be yours in just a handshake a broad smile and reassuringly confident attitude.

What does an audit report contain?

Most audit reports on financial statements give the business a clean bill of health, or a clean opinion. At the other end of the spectrum, the auditor may state that the financial statements are misleading and should not be relied upon. This negative audit report is called an adverse opinion. That’s the big stick that auditors carry.

Auditors have the power to give an adverse opinion and no business wants that. The threat of an adverse opinion almost always motivates a business to give way to the auditor and change its accounting or disclosure practices in order to avoid getting the kiss of death of an adverse opinion.

An adverse audit opinion says that the financial statements of the business are misleading. The SEC does not tolerate adverse opinions by auditors of public businesses; it would suspend trading in a company’s stock share if the company received an adverse opinion from its CPA auditor.

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One modification to an auditor’s report is very serious – when the CPA firm says that it has substantial doubts about the capability of the business to continue as a going concern. A going concern is a business that has sufficient financial wherewithal and momentum to continue its normal operations into the foreseeable future and would be able to absorb a bad turn of events without having to default on its liabilities.

A going concern does not face an imminent financial crisis or any pressing financial emergency. A business could be under some financial distress but overall still be judged a going concern. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the CPA auditor assumes that the business is a going concern. If an auditor has serious concerns about whether the business is a going concern, these doubts are spelled out in the auditor’s report.

Is there any wonder as to why business owners petrified by the dreaded audit? Both SEC and IRS are vested with tremendous power over your public or private business; and a report or ruling by one or the other is enough to render any business – that is the subject of one of their audits – non-existent, if that business fails to conform with certain acceptable accounting principles.

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