Equipment and furniture encompasses desks,. chairs, lamps, carpeting, tables, racks, couches, and items designed to make the home/office environment professional but comfortable as possible.


Payroll, etc.

Bookkeeping is an interesting subject in more ways than one because of the intricacies involved as well as the extent to which it is utilized in our personal and business lives. So what goes on in the accounting and bookkeeping departments at big and small businesses alike? And what do these people we know as bookkeepers do on a daily basis? Well, one thing they do that is terribly important to everyone working in those businesses is payroll.

All the salaries and bonuses earned, and taxes paid by every employee every pay period have to be recorded. The payroll department has to ensure that the appropriate federal, state and local taxes are being deducted; and the pay stub attached to each employee paycheck is an ongoing record of these taxes and any number of other deducted items.


Such items usually include income taxes, social security taxes and other employment-related taxes that have to be paid to federal and state governments. Other deductions include personal items, such as retirement savings accounts like 401(k), IRA, RRB (Railroad Retirement Board Benefits, as well as vacation, sick pay and/or medical benefits. It’s a critical function, and for that reason, some companies have their own payroll departments while others outsource it to bookkeeping specialists.

The accounting department receives and records any payments or cash received from customers or clients of the business or service. The accounting department has to make sure that the money is sourced accurately and deposited in the appropriate accounts. They also manage where the money goes; how much of it is kept on-hand for purposes such as payroll, or how much of it goes out to pay what the company owes on its loans, to its vendors and other such obligations. Some may also be invested, depending on the particular business policies.


The other side of a receivables business is the payables area, or cash disbursements. A company writes many checks during the course of a year in order to pay for purchases, supplies, salaries, taxes, loans and services. The accounting department prepares all these checks and records whom they were disbursed to, how much and for what.

Accounting departments also keep track of purchase orders placed for inventory, such as products that will be sold to customers or clients. In addition to all these responsibilities, they also keep track of assets such as a business’ property and equipment, which often includes the office building, furniture, computers, and even the smallest items such as pencils, pens, notepads and other similar paraphernalia.


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Wooden Office Chairs Add a Certain Mystique

Along with the many office chairs you can get for your office is the wooden office chair which is yet another choice, offering a number of features found in many upscale and well furnished offices. Such features include, pneumatic seat height adjustment, locking tilt control with adjustable tilt tension, wood covered steel base with dual wheel carpet casters, medium fruitwood finish and an added feature which enables the chair to be adjusted from 17.25 inches to 20.75 inches. The chair can be available in a variety of upholstery options for buyers to choose from.

The additional choice of all wooden office chairs – which are also referred to as banker’s chairs – expands the buyer’s variety of office chair options. There is however, a concern that potential buyers might want to be aware of when considering the purchase of wooden office chairs, and that is the number of available adjustments, with height sometimes being the only adjustment to the chair.

If you are in the market for office chairs to furnish your company’s office, or even your home office, and are thinking about obtaining a wooden office chair, make sure that it fits your body style; because unless you plan on using a cushioned seat pad, it is important to make sure that the contour of the seat edge is not too hard.

If you find the seat edge to be too hard, you’ll probably need a customized seat pad to avoid sitting on a hard surface, especially if all the other features are acceptable for your purposes. Keep in mind that all wooden chairs tend to be very durable, as there is no padding to compress or upholstery to wear out; so with minimum care a wooden office chair can last for many years, which makes a purchase of this particular piece of furniture very economical in the long run.

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of a wooden office chair even longer; and you will find some helpful tips for, not only prolonging the life of your this type of chair, but the quality as well:

  • Never place your chair close to sources of heat as the heat will dry out the wood. Keep it out of the way of heat.
  • Never leave your wooden office chair in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the sun may damage the finish of the wood.
  • You should dust your chair frequently with a soft cloth, then clean it according to the manufacturers directions.
  • On occasion, wax or polish your wooden office chair.
  • Never wax urethane finished woods, as it will increase the amount of dust that the chair will attract.

By taking care of wooden office chairs, they will be around for years. You’ll find also – that is of course if you purchase one or more of these chairs – that this office furniture piece will add a certain mystique to your office, making them an ideal choice for offices that desire to be creative.

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