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If you watch TV, listen to the radio, or surf the internet there is a good chance that you have heard of, and know what, an air purifier is; and you probably have some knowledge of what it does. Most air purifiers are described as electronic machines that work to make indoor air healthier. But if you agree that making the air healthier also means making it purer, then it is reasonable to conclude that these machines purify the air. When you think about the process of trapping harmful air particles in the filters or collection grids of an air purifier unit it means that your air will not only be healthier, but easier to breathe, and that is due to the fact that it has been made more pure. But that’s only part of the story, because there is a particular machine that actually treats the air through an “exclusive combination of technologies, including ion generation, a better-than-HEPA filter, Photocatalytic Oxidation and [a] proprietary ActivePure® Technology…” the result of which all harmful contaminants are removed from the air you and your family breathe.

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That having been said it would appear that, despite knowing about air treatment units and what they do, some folks are still unaware of the benefits they can derive by owning one for their home or business. Are you among this group of people? If you do not currently own an air treatment unit – sometimes referred to as the virus killer – there is a good chance that you will want one after examining the benefits you and your family will derive directly by having one to protect and purify your personal space.

It is true. Air air treatment units are that good. And the particular brand that will be discussed in the following paragraphs is even better due to the patented technology used in its design and manufacture.

Purified air

As mentioned above, air treatment units work to eliminate dangerous and unhealthy allergens and other contaminants from the air, but any such machine that is designed with ActivePure® Technology not only eliminates such dangerous contaminants, it reduces by “99.9% [the] airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus in 3 minutes.” This is great for young children and the elderly, as well as those with allergies. When breathing purified air, your health is likely to improve and there is a good chance that you and your family – or anyone in the protected area (space) – will avoid becoming ill or contracting some kind of disease.

In addition to getting ill less often, it is a well known fact that the air we breathe has an impact on our well-being and even our emotions. So it stands to reason that when we breathe air that is cleaner and more pure our emotional well-being is also enhanced. In fact the air you breathe is truly purified after the cleansing it undergoes with an ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit. The entire air-cleaning process guarantees that you will not only be healthier, but you will also enjoy a better quality of life from all aspects. So there is no debate that clean, purified air can be a most amazing part of your everyday life in terms of physical health, emotional health and overall well-being.

Max use – Max benefit

As great as air treatment units are, however, it is important to keep in mind that you will not reap the many benefits of owning an ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit if you do not use it. I make this point because there are quite a number of people who make the purchase but don’t use their unit(s) properly, and there are some who don’t use them at all.

In most cases you will find that air treatment units work best when you use them continuously because this will allow the particular machine to keep up with all the air particles floating around inside your home, your car (smaller units designed for that purpose), or your office, as well as other areas of your business. The point is, when you purchase an ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit you should actually use it… all the time.

At this stage of the article you probably already figured out that air treatment units have a number of different benefits, and each of these benefits are likely to improve your life in many different ways, the most important being, that you can breathe freely in your home, car or office without having to worry about the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus or any other allergens or contaminants getting into your body and making you sick.

Benefits outweigh costs

The message here, and from many providers of health and wellness care is, if you haven’t thought about purchasing an air treatment unit before, especially one designed with ActivePure® Technology, it is really about time that you give it some serious thought. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that it ends up being one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

The benefits of owning an ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit far outweigh the cost of owning one. Following are some of those benefits:

  • Uses oxygen and humidity from the air;
  • Converts into powerful oxidizers;
  • Destroys microorganisms in the air and on surfaces;
  • Kills pathogens on contact; and
  • Is safe for astronauts and therefore safe for everyone!

Authentic value

Can you really put a price tag on clean, purified, healthy air? Even if you must put a price tag on it you will realize a number of different options available to you, starting with the many reputable institutions, businesses and organizations that have researched the authenticity, value and undeniable benefits of ActivePure® Technology air treatment units. Testimonial letters will be provided on demand to parties interested in owning one of these machines.

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