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If you’re like me, you’ve searched the Web over and spent lots of time and money on “get rich quick” business offers that turned out to be mere schemes that didn’t produce any positive results, let alone cash in your pockets. I wanted to start a Web business that was LEGITIMATE and PROFITABLE (not a “pie in the sky” fairy tale), but did not find one that I could operate effectively at a price that was reasonable.

Recently (about 6 months ago at the time of this writing) I was introduced to a company that changed everything; And… well, I did it! I officially started my own home-based business as a Web Services Consultant, through which I have established relationships with a number of merchants, created memberships with Web marketing companies that offer products, services and resources at reasonable prices allowing me to pass on the savings to my customers.

I could not accomplish any of this however, if the products, services, tools and other resources were not made available to me at an unbeatable price. And some of these tools and resources can be provided to you FREE of charge when you purchase your Web Hosting through my recommended source(s):

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  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains!
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts!
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases!
  • UNLIMITED cPanels!
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So if you were thinking of starting your own Web business or just creating a website for your current business, you are definitely in the right place to get started today.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you operate your own successful Web Marketing business. The risks are minimal but the rewards can be great. It’s well worth taking a look at a Web Marketing career and investing in your future via our recommended services. To get your FREE version of the 100% FREE GiveAways, which includes the following digital books/eguides:

  • Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Maximum Profits With Private Label Rights
  • Become An Affiliate Marketing Master
  • Viral Traffic Generation
  • Dominate The Web 2.0 Market
  • Super Joint Venture Secrets; And
  • Blogging For Cash
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Be mindful, however, that some email messages are blocked or placed in your spam/junk files without your knowledge and the only way we can get your information to you is via email, so please be diligent in making sure that you get your free info by providing your best email address and then keeping a close eye.

You will also be provided with an opportunity to resell these digital guides under a MRR (Master Resell Rights) or PLR (Private Label Rights) license, which you can use to help launch your new Web business..

As you know, when you are starting your own business the investment you make to get it up and running must be enough, not only to get the business started, but to keep it sustained until such time as it becomes profitable – or at least self-sustainable.

The required investment varies greatly, depending on whether the business is offline (brick and mortar) or online (e-commerce), and can vary even more based on the type of online business you wish to do. In any of the businesses promoted on this website, our objective is always to keep the initial outlay as low as possible so you are not forced to give up on your dream of self-employment (due to insufficient funds to cover operational costs) before giving the business enough time to succeed.


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I think we both know that success in business is not going to be immediate, because it is something you have to work towards and therefore requires a period of time (some periods longer than others depending on the business type). So if your business is going to be Web-based, the bare minimum requirements for getting started are as follows:

  1. Website and/or Blog;
  2. Web Hosting – Self-hosted website(s) or blog(s) because you need to have complete control over your content;
  3. Training – on the use of some Web-based business tools that you may not be familiar with;
  4. Advertising – So that your business gets some exposure to the market.
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The All Inclusive Package Plan!

Ideal for YOUR new Web marketing business!

Doing this work yourself means you will be required to pay for a domain name, Web hosting, graphic design, advertising, site maintenance, site backup & restore, consulting, and more. However, I will create your WordPress Website on Your Own Domain when you take advantage of my all-inclusive package plan, in which case everything will be done for you and your website maintenance cost will be $32.50 per month which covers: Your Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Blog-site Maintenance, Site Backup & Restore and Consulting About Your Site and the Services Provided.

To get started with the plan, simply select your preferences from the form below, click the “Subscribe” button to make your initial payment (“Pay Today”) and we will start on your website creation job as soon as we receive confirmation from PayPal. The entire project should be completed within the next seventy-two to ninety-six hours, with ongoing website maintenance and required communication about your preferences where applicable.

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Payment Options

Additional helpful instructions: After making your initial payment via PayPal, make sure you provide at least 3 domain name choices, or check domain availability by entering it into the “Get a Domain Name” box. Your first choice for a domain name may not be available, so you may need to enter a second and third choice before you succeed in finding a suitable domain name. Please send your questions or comments to: Support@TPJaveton.net Thanks!.

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