Sales Letter Writing

Gain the Competitive Edge with a Winning Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter is tough and writing a winning sales letter is even tougher. Many Web marketing managers break their heads trying to figure out why they can’t get it right. Well, to answer this question they should put themselves in their visitors’ shoes and ask what benefit would I get by reading this sales letter?

Remember that word “benefit” which is the basis for this discussion. In more cases than not, Web marketers take bits and pieces of information from here and there and create a mess out of a sales letter. They literally throw everything at people and then get rejected.

You should always remember that a sales letter works only when you have a product to sell and an offer to make. A sales letter should not be an introduction to your product or company. Remember every word is important in the sales letter and therefore should not waste a single one which would distract your potential customer’s attention.

They are not interested in the features of you product but an offer or a benefit to them. Think from the customer’s point of view and ask yourselves why should I read this letter? Is there any benefit or offer to me which cannot be refused? Can you convince me that it is really a good offer?

Letter composition and presentation

Keeping these thoughts in mind, Web marketers should utilize considerate thought in presenting their letter. The header or the headline is very crucial to any sales letter. It should directly target the customers of your product. One also needs to be tactful in use of words. But if you are not good at tact do not attempt to do it but rather, be simple in composing your letter.

The headline should not be just another line, so try to be specific but with maximum affect. Nobody has time to read each and every letter in this fast paced era of instant gratification. If you are not able to convey your message to the audience in a short time, then you have lost those customers. The headline should start with a benefit to the customer. This ensures that s/he will go to the body of the letter, at least for brief look.

Having made a good effort with the heading, it’s now time to work on the body of your sales letter. How do you maintain the level of enthusiasm that you created in the customer’s mind with your brilliant heading? Once again it is important to remember not to focus on features of the product you are trying to sell but on the benefits and offers you are making to your potential customers.

Things like how much money it is going to save them and how it would affect their lives should be mentioned in the body of the letter. Make them realize a need for it and compare it to a competitor’s product.

Benefits, value and call to action

Remember, a person reading your sales letter will constantly have questions come to mind as to how this will benefit me, after each and every sentence. So be ready to clear those doubts and answer the questions. Being a little informal in your approach wouldn’t do any harm either, so try to grab the attention by relating things to real life occurrences.

You can add a little bit of humor but you should be sure that it is in good taste and would be generally acceptable to all audiences. Make mention of a few previous clients to give testimony about your products. But keep the testimonials believable and something that people can relate to.

Once you’ve made clear about the product, do not forget your call to action where your customer is prompted to take action. If it is an email, prompt your reader to click on a link to act now, or provide a contact number if it is a direct mail. Also remind them again that if they don’t act now (or immediately if you like) they will forfeit the offer as the offer is for limited time only.

Once your sales letter is finished, one of the important actions you should take is adding a P.S. Many people simply read the beginning and end of the letter. So, try to convey something that will prompt them to go back to the letter and read it. It will be a perfect ending to your sales letter.

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