Making Money vs Earning A Living

First let me say that the “making money” online claim is not really inaccurate. What is left out, however, is how much can you realistically make if you’re just getting started.

Second, let’s agree that making $6.00, $20.00, or even $80 to $100 sporadically (every 3 or 4 months) is really not making money, whether it’s online or offline; and I’m sure you won’t spend your valuable time (10 to 16 hours a day) trying to pursue the best way to make money online if you thought the results of your labor were going to be those paltry numbers I just mentioned. Believe me I would not have done it either if I knew of a better way when I first started my Web marketing business (which really wasn’t a business then, but more like a 3 year educational course).

Be that as it may however, that time has already been spent and the one thing I can say with certainty is this: There is a big difference between “making money” on the Web (Internet/online) and earning a living in this marketplace. Let’s face it! No one wants to waste time, right? If you agree with that sentiment – as I think you do – then you probably want to take the best and most efficient route to earning enough money on a consistent basis that would pay at least one important bill every month. The key words being “enough” and “consistent.”

Everything You Need to Run a Successful Health-based Business Online

In most worthwhile vocations it is customary to obtain some training or education before we are capable of earning a living and supporting ourselves and/or family. Well, I’m here to tell you that earning a living on the Web is no different. We all need to learn how to do something – anything – from formal education, or through experience, before we can consider ourselves expert enough to earn a living from it; and – as you may already know – a formal education can run in the $Tens of Thousands and experience, although a reliable teacher, can take a long time to teach its lessons.

So what’s the alternative? Here’s what you should not do: Don’t begin your Web marketing career by having to spend money on products that you probably don’t need just so you can get points to advance through a given system with the objective of reaching that promised land of Top marketer/producer.

Here’s what you should do. Find an online training facility that will provide you with the tools needed to market on the Web (Internet/online), and then show you – with videos as well as other digital resources – how to use these marketing tools in the most effective way to get the kind of results that will help to propel your business to the next level.

If we agree that you need training as a newcomer to the Web; and we agree that a formal education (college, university or trade school) probably cost more than you are willing to, or able to spend; and we also agree that experience may take more time that you can devote to the “trial & error” route; then the only alternative is a facility that was set up to train Web marketers. A facility (or “university”) set by Web marketers, for Web marketers… like that featured on the black and red graphic 2 paragraphs above.

You can take a look at the Supplemental Health website I was able to create as a result of what I learned. It’s something I now wish was available to me when I first started my online business/education. Other tools and resources you will need to succeed in your online business, including free training, are made available to members of Covert Commissions, an Affiliate and Email Marketing Software company. Good luck!

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