Keeping Your Computer Secure – The Basics!

Backup data to prevent loss

It is a well known fact that backing up your data with almost any electrical device is crucial to keeping everything intact. Keep in mind, however, that no computer or other electronic device is crash proof so problems can occur at any time. Any computer can crash at any given time, which normally results in the loss of all data that was stored on its hard drive.

The potential for loss of information – including critical personal and financial data – is the most practical reason to create a backup of your software and computer files. How often, or how much of, these items you need to backup will depend on how you use your computer. For example, if your data is very important (most people’s are), or if you use your computer for work, you may need to create a backup of those files on a daily basis, possibly even hourly for some people.

Various devices and types of equipment can be used to backup your data; such devices and equipment include DVD and CD burners, tapes, external hard drives and servers from the Internet, among others. And since each backup method will have its own unique advantages and disadvantages, you should always use more than one method to backup your data – especially if that data is extremely important to you – just to be on the safe side.

The various backup types

There are at least five different methods you can use to backup your data using software, and there are as follows:

  • Full Backup – A full backup will create a mirror of your hard drive, every file and folder that you currently have on your computer;
  • Differential Backup – A differential backup creates the backup only for files that have been changed or upgraded;
  • Disk Image – This will provide you with the choice of backing up your entire hard drive or only the files you select;
  • Unattended Backup – Using this method, you can set the software that will automatically create your backup to do all the work, even in your absence;
  • Snapshot backup – A snapshot backup will mirror your hard drive, backing up the images of your files.

Keep your computer backed up… and protected

When you decide to get a software program for the purpose of assisting you with backing up your files, you should always get a program that best fits your needs; and while price is also (always?) an important factor, the ease of use and overall reliability should always be the most important factors in determining what kind of software and/or method you use to backup your data.

Most programs are easy to use, so even if you have never backed up your data before, you will be able to do it without any problems; because all you’ll need to do is load the software and then follow the instructions provided with your product, which will come up on the computer screen, so you should be able to complete the task in rather straightforward fashion.

At the end of the day, software backup is the best way to keep your data preserved and ready; but it is also a good way to get your computer back up and running in the event it becomes infected with some kind of virus or other alien/incompatible element that might cause it to crash. Anything can happen to your computer at any given time, so it is advisable to always be on the safe side and back up your data on a regular and ongoing basis.

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