Asthma-free with Purified Air!

In pursuit of a remedy

Do you have a child who suffers from asthma? Do you suffer from asthma yourself? I personally know a few people (family members including children) who have experienced the pain, discomfort, hardship, frustration and dread brought on by this inflammatory affliction. And on top of all that misery you are prescribed certain treatments and medications that bring with them other painful side effects which often result in making your situation even worst. In view of such agony compounded by added pain resulting from the very treatments that are supposed to make you feel better, it’s no wonder that so many asthma sufferers end up seeking other forms of relief.

During my research for this post I came across an article titled, Asthma Medications, written by Sharma et al., which is published to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. In it the authors described asthma as “a wide-reaching, chronic, inflammatory illness that impacts millions of people daily.” NCBI is considered by many as one of the most credible sources for health-related articles and scientific studies in the international medical community. But sometimes, despite what is written in medical journals and scientific publications, our actions are motivated by the pain we are feeling and therefore send us in search of our own remedies.

In the article, Advances in technology bring relief to allergy, asthma and flu sufferers is something we all know, written by Joe Kirchmyer, the author makes this observation:

Indoors and out, it’s hard to control exposure to pollen and other allergens. While steps such as medications, frequent vacuuming, extensive cleaning, and minimizing the presence of indoor plants may provide some relief, it’s usually only temporary. Fortunately, advances in technology — specifically today’s air purification methods — are resulting in long-term relief for both allergy and asthma sufferers.

Air treatment

Based on that observation it would seem to me that if relief can be obtained from such a technology those asthma sufferers need look no further than an air treatment system or unit that utilizes ActivePure® Technology, especially since the technology is already being used in schools, healthcare facilities, sports organizations, private homes, autos and gyms, as well as business offices and work areas. In fact, anything that is proven to reduce the “airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus” (also known as Covid-19), as well as allergens and other harmful contaminants is something that we should all have in our arsenal in the fight against this killer virus.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter, though, which can only be discussed in terms of our most personal space, our home; and those we care most about, our family. If the air inside your home does not support the best and most healthy environment for you or your asthmatic child to live, you must change it immediately by going out and getting yourself an air treatment unit and place it in the most strategic part of your home. Based upon my knowledge of this technology, one unit covers three thousand (3,000) square feet of space so, depending on the size of your home or apartment, you may need only one unit, the purchase of which may turn out to be the best thing you can do to relieve your asthmatic child’s pain if not your own.

In the article, Smart Technology: Allergy & Asthma-Friendly Home Trends, author Jennifer Frye speaks confidently and knowingly about the ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit by stating that:

It’s the only air purifier on the market that uses an exclusive combination of technologies, including ion generation, a better-than-HEPA filter, Photocatalytic Oxidation and our proprietary ActivePure® Technology, which has been university tested and proven effective on bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

Health and well-being

In a Mayo Clinic article titled, Asthma, the writers – Mayo Clinic Staff – provided some insight into this disease in the following paragraphs:

For some people, asthma is a minor nuisance. For others, it can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack.

Asthma can’t be cured, but its symptoms can be controlled. Because asthma often changes over time, it’s important that you work with your doctor to track your signs and symptoms and adjust your treatment as needed.

When faced with a decision to safeguard their family’s health and well-being most parents will not hesitate in getting the very best treatment, but that’s not a revelation and I’m sure it’s not something that you are not already trying to do. It is, however, very difficult to gain access to a treatment or beneficial technology that you don’t know about or haven’t even heard of. It is for this reason that these posts are being written on the subject of air treatment systems, because once the method is introduced it is a natural tendency for interested parties to seek additional information through research and ownership or both.

Fresh, clean-air environments

After researching the various brands available on the Web or in certain department stores, most people will probably go out and get the best solution to their respective problems – in this case, asthma – which suggest to me that, sooner or later, they will end up with an ActivePure® Technology air treatment unit. Once you examine the cost of all similar machines available it becomes clear that if you want a superior air treatment unit the only logical step would be to acquire the kind of machine that Jennifer Frye discussed in her article. The one which she described as being designed with proprietary ActivePure® Technology.

Let’s face it… In addition to examining the overall cost of an air purifier, you will really want to consider the reasons you’re getting one in the first place. If your reason is just to have fresh and clean air in your child’s room, you should be able to purchase just about any air purifier that is currently on the market.

However, if you’d like an air purifier to removes the SARS-CoV-2 virus, cigarette smoke, pet hair, pollen, dust, allergens and all other contaminants, you may never find one, but you may find an air treatment system unit that specifically reduces the SARS-CoV-2 virus and eliminates the rest. What you plan on using your air treatment system for is as important as the decision to get one because, because when you really think about it, justifying the cost of a major purchase is much easier when the purchased item provides live-saving purified air to your personal space.