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Let’s talk a little about email campaigns. Most of us jump on our work and personal computers several times a day to check email messages. Similar to what we did with our old answering machines. eMail has become an effective method of communication for work, personal relationships, and marketing. You may have noticed that you get more email encouraging you to purchase items than ever before. This is because email marketing has become one of the most popular methods of reaching consumers who make purchases online.

Email come into existence in the 1990’s as the internet was just becoming more popular. Businesses quickly figured out that this was a great way to reach customers. It was also less expensive than mailing out advertisements to homes. By 1995 the number of email advertisements sent out that year was more than the number sent out by regular mail. Businesses spend a lot of money creating email marketing campaigns that won’t be confused with spam.

In fact, email marketing hit a huge road block when spam filters gained popularity. Spam filters presented such a problem (and still do on occasion) that email marketing campaigns had to be revamped as they were being wiped out by the filters. Businesses were losing money on their marketing campaigns and not getting any results. However savvy computer programmers and businesses soon learned that effective email marketing titles and headlines in addition to using their real email address helped get the emails past the various spam filters. The internet was once used for research, entertainment and work related functions.

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The idea of shopping on the Web has become much more convenient in our society. After all, it allows you to compare prices in a flash. Most of us are too busy to run from store to store. Shopping online has given those in remote locations the chance to get all the available gadgets they desire. It is only logical that consumers are paying more attention to email marketing since this is the method they are using to do a large portion of their shopping. Email marketing has become mainstream. Almost every website gives the consumer opportunity to give their email address and consent to being solicited with email advertising.

On the other side of the coin are those who hate getting their email filled up with email marketing ploys. This is why every email sent from a business has to include a link that gives consumers the opportunity to ‘opt out’. Businesses have to respect this choice made by the consumer and remove them from the mailing list. This rule was the result of legislation passed when the idea of email marketing started flooding every email address on the Web. There are rules and laws in place now to protect consumers against having their privacy invaded. The penalty for violating these laws include expensive fines and the possibility of jail time.

However, along with the acceptance of email marketing by consumers came their demands for effective advertising that meets their needs. Getting the email to the consumer is only half of the battle. The information you send them has to grab their attention and entice them to click the link to your website and make a purchase. Your email should be a teaser that is going to make the consumer curious enough to go directly to your website at that very moment. The old adage…Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak applies perfectly to email marketing campaigns. There is a lot of competition out there and businesses are having to come up with wittier and smarter email marketing campaigns to keep their consumers interested.

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