Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs – Oh What a Relief!

Ergonomic chairs have become a very important feature of the modern-day office. Many office employees are required to sit more than eight hours per day in order to satisfactorily do their jobs; and during this time it is important that ergonomic chairs be used because they have been shown to help reduce shoulder, back, and neck strain. And even though ergonomic chairs may cost a little more than the standard office chair, they are worth the investment for the simple reason that they increase productivity while helping to prevent serious injury.

When you select the proper ergonomic office chair, there are several factors you should consider, including but not limited to:

  • Chairs with an adjustable seat;
  • the proper lumbar support;
  • backrest;
  • adequate seat depth and width;
  • arm rests; and,
  • the ability to swivel.

You should also read the instruction manual as well, and ensure that all the adjustment mechanisms function properly. If you find a chair to be defective in any way, you should return it immediately.

Keep in mind when selecting your chairs that there is really no “one size fits all” for every body type, because what is best for one individual may not be best choice for another. So before buying a chair you should give it a try and see what whether or not it is suitable for you. If it isn’t possible to test the chair, you should insist on a refund in the event of something going wrong.

Before purchasing or using an ergonomic chair it’s best to fully understand proper posture and ergonomics while at work or at home. One of the fundamentals to ergonomics is an exercise which is rather easy to complete. It is to make sure that the seat height of such a chair will allow users’ feet to stay firmly planted on the floor while they occupy the chair. It’s also helpful if the chair provides lumbar support, which means that it should be designed in a way that will fit the inward curve of a user’s lower back area.

There are many new and emerging alternatives being added to the early designs of ergonomic office chairs; and depending on the particular chair an individual chooses, s/he may need to adapt to new and – for all reasonable and relevant purposes – improved positions. Even though they may take a bit of getting used to, however, these chairs are great for those who experience discomfort or chronic back pain while occupying a standard office chair.

Those who sit at their desks for extended periods of time would benefit greatly from ergonomic chairs. Considering that while sitting at a desk, you put your back and upper torso in a cramped position, thereby making yourself a candidate for back pain later on in life, you might want to take a closer look at an ergonmic chair which is specifically designed to provide support to your back as needed. This way you can sit at your desk all day long and know that your back and the rest of your body will not succumb to agonizing pain.

A Ball Chair May be the Answer to Your Discomfort

The majority of articles found on this and other sites which deals with online/offline business, marketing and money-making strategies, cover the various ways of generating income, methods of marketing and some of the pitfalls to avoid. However, for the next series of posts, we’re going to veer off the beaten path – so to speak – and take a look at a topic which is directly associated with productivity, or lack of it, within the office structure. Office furniture!

Reasons for chronic back pain complaints have been well researched and some findings point to the traditional office chair as the culprit in many cases; and we all know how difficult it is to operate at peak performance when we’re experience pain or other discomfort. To alleviate such discomfort, various remedies have been explored, and one suggestion is the use of an exercise ball chair to replace that “straight-backed, flat-seated chair that occupied traditional offices.

While the standard office chair can be very cramped and hard on the back, ball chairs can really help to enhance comfortablity, ease of movement and a more relaxed sitting posture. Ball chairs, along with other ergonomically-designed furniture, have been touted as the new and alternative solutions to traditional office chairs. A ball chair can be exciting and different, while also providing the user’s back with plenty of support during those hours s/he has to be seated, almost making him/her free from any of back problems.

So if you should find it necessary to use an exercise ball as a ball chair, you’ll find it an excellent way to maintain the correct posture when sitting. That having been said, I must point out here the various makers, models and prices of ball chairs – including Aeromat Deluxe Ergonomic Ball Office Chair, Gaiam Balanceball Chair and Cando Adjustable Ball Chair to name just a few – so that choosing the right ball chair for your needs might require a little research to find the one that best suits your needs.

Following are a couple of suggestions which might be helpful in your search for the most suitable ball chair:

First – The chair should be of a size that allows you to keep your feet on the floor while you sit, with your arms resting comfortably on the desk. When you sit on the ball chair, you should keep your legs forming a 90 degree angle at the knees, since any more or less will mean that the ball chair may not right for you.

Second – Your weight is a very important factor when choosing a ball chair in the sense that if your weight compresses the chair and flattens it, it is advisable that you get a bigger ball chair. On the other hand, if you happen to be very light in weight, you can under-inflate the ball chair. The are the two most important considerations aside from price, quality and brand.

In conclusion, ball chairs will keep your back and abdominal muscles active because of the slight bounce it provides. It is for this reason that you maintain proper posture, which in turn helps to prevent back problems. Even though a ball chair can be a great alternative to a standard office
chair, you should consult a doctor before purchasing one, because if you’ve had back problems or surgeries, you’d want to get a doctor’s advice before you make that a purchase of that kind.

Here are some additional examples of ball chairs provided by Google.

A Few Survival Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is not unlike other Web-based businesses in which participants, especially the marketers who accept responsibility for driving traffic to product/service (‘product’) pages of their merchants. Web-based businesses rely on – among other things – a sustained Internet presence, quality content and, perhaps most importantly, visitors (generally referred to as traffic) to their product pages; and affiliates are often tasked with generating that traffic.

Affiliate marketers accept this responsibility as a condition of an arrangement made with product owners, advertisers and vendors (‘merchants’) pursuant to which they will be paid a commission or flat fee when they have been instrumental in bringing about a sale (or sales) of the merchants’ products. In other words, when the affiliate marketer refers his/her website visitors to a merchant’s product page and any of those visitors purchase a product, the affiliate gets paid.

However, the mechanism (system) set up to automate an affiliate marketing program must be carefully monitored by the merchant; and records of referrals and sales verified by the affiliate in order to sustain a healthy business relationship. This is important because, once an affiliate has signed up for what appears to be a great affiliate program, developed a marketing strategy and is provided with an affiliate ID, affiliate links, product links, banners, and other marketing materials, s/he is still only in the beginning stages.

Once an affiliate thinks s/he has figured everything out, there is usually additional problems to be dealt with, which includes developing an effective marketing strategy. So it is not uncommon for a new affiliate to have established a relationship with one or more merchants and received all the necessary marketing materials and still find him/herself questioning the ineffectiveness of the job s/he is doing.

That having been said we’ve outlined below, some of the most common issues that affect an affiliate marketer’s sales, commissions and leads:

Soggy cookies

The majority of affiliate merchants utilize cookies for tracking referrals, since a majority of customers do not make purchases on their first visit. These cookies are capable of tracking the activities of potential referrals by creating a “tag” unique to a particular referral which associates that referral with the referring affiliate’s ID; so that if they do purchase at a later date, the referring affiliate will receive credit for the sale.

The durations for these cookies will vary from merchant to merchant, and generally range from thirty days to ninety days; but some last for as short as a single session, while others are known to have lasted last for years. It must be pointed out here, though, that if the visitor flushes his/her cookies on a regular basis, or has cookie blocking software, there is very little to no recourse an affiliate has to receive credit for any purchases made by that visitor.

Multiple payment methods

If you are a new affiliate marketer – or even a seasoned affiliate – and have joined an affiliate program through one of the networks that process payments of product sales on behalf of merchants, it’s not uncommon for merchants to offer several methods of payment. While this is great for customers, it is less than optimum for you as the affiliate, because you’re now dealing with a third party which is given complete control over your earnings; and this can create many conflicts.

So before you begin to advertise any products or services as an affiliate who must deal with, and rely upon, a network to conduct your business effectively and profitable, make sure to always check the merchant’s site carefully; and if you have any doubt, contact that merchant before you proceed any further. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time, energy and advertising resources on any affiliate product just to find out further down the road that you’re not getting paid.

Monitoring your arrangements

Even the most honest of merchants will have problems with their affiliate software at some point in time, so if the merchant’s affiliate program isn’t operating correctly (due to a software glitch, attempted hacking or a number of other reasons for the malfunction) you need to know about this and take steps to protect your commissions. One way you can be made aware of such a problem, is to check cookies and merchant sites regularly for any changes that may affect your pay. That’s it for now. Good luck!

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