Among Great Sales Techniques, One Stands Out

We hear all the time about all sorts of methods and techniques for closing a deal in sales situations, as well as other approaches that are designed for us salespeople to gain more business with our customers and prospects. While some of these approaches can be useful, there’s just no substitute for what’s considered one the best sales techniques around.

The technique I speak of is building great rapport with your customers and prospects, and having them feel (or better yet, know) that you’re 100% committed to helping them attain their needs, wants, and desires; But this is not how many salespeople are doing it in their own businesses right now, is it?

Frequently people will get into sales because they see it as a way to make big money, but they then fall into the routine of being forceful in their sales approaches, trying to move the customer in the direction that is best for the salesperson, instead of for the customer/prospect.

The unfortunate reality is these salespeople don’t realize their customers can see what they’re up to. Somehow these salespeople feel they’re not telegraphing what they’re doing in any way that can be detected by the customer or prospect they’re working with.

With this in mind, just once I’d like to be in a clothing store and hear a salesperson say to the customer, “You know, that doesn’t look very good on you at all.” Any salesperson that would tell me this would instantly raise their level of credibility! Yet there are a great many salespeople out there trying to steer their prospects towards doing deals that may not be the best ones for the prospects, but they’re the best ones for the salespeople instead.

Those salespeople who still practicing the “me-first” method must know one thing. Once your customer/prospect picks up on this behavior, your relationship with that person is sunk! Now you’ve become just someone who “sells” to them, but they now know that they can’t trust your judgment and opinion. They have to determine whether or not the product or service will work for them completely independent of anything you now say to them.

Let’s face it, the type of salesperson we all want to work with is someone we like; someone who we feel has as their number one priority the best way to serve our needs. When we both like someone and feel they’re committed to serving our best interests, we naturally just feel ourselves wanting to work with them. The same applies for you, too, in your own business.

As an example, do you think if you were the one looking to buy or lease a product or service that you could sense if the rep you were working with had your best interests in mind above his/her own? If your answer to this is “Yes,” don’t you think the same applies with your own customers and prospects, too? Don’t you think they can sense if you’re serving their best interests or looking out for your own commission?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, some of us don’t feel our customers and prospects share our same intuitive qualities in this arena. And it can cost us big time, too, if we haven’t already become the kind of salesperson who always puts thrie needs before our own. Make sure you’re adept at developing great rapport with your customers and prospects, and make sure they always understand that serving their best interests is constantly your number one priority. Once you’ve mastered this in your own business, people will sense that you’re the best choice they could ever make when it’s time for them to buy. Best of luck to you out in the field.

Boost Business With Secret Selling Techniques

Explore New Advertising Methods

The first sign that you might need to explore new marketing strategies, is a sharp decline in the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Yeah, you shell out a lot of hard earned cash to advertise, and the public turns its nose up! Don’t wait until your profits are plunging to start hunting for new marketing strategies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could foolproof your selling techniques? Yeah, no more customers walking out with empty hands… no more profits disappearing into thin air!

Here are 4 secrets that will help you put money in your pocket, and lengthen your current customer list:

Make it easy

There’s an old adage that says variety is the spice of life, but hey, too many choices can lead to indecision and procrastination. We all know what happens when customers procrastinate… yeah, you lose a sale. When a customer walks into your business ready to purchase, and suddenly sees several options he didn’t know were there, he’ll stop before deciding… which one? If he’s uncertain… well, you lose a sale that was already in your pocket. Make it easy for your customers to decide… yes, I’ll buy it… no I won’t buy it. Yes and no decisions are a lot easier to make, and are more likely to put cash in the drawer.

Offer many ways to buy

Too many choices can overwhelm customers and cost you sales, but options of how to buy open up avenues for customers to purchase the product they’ve decided they need. They say there are different strokes for different folks… your customers don’t all use the same methods to buy. It just makes sense that if the method they prefer is available, they’ll be more likely to take advantage of it. Convenience is the key to attracting buyers in today’s fast paced society. What will be the fastest and easiest method for them… credit card, phone, fax, Internet, or cold hard cash?

Keep it Simple

You remember the frustration of spending 10 minutes pushing buttons on the phone just to get through a pain-in-the-neck automated ordering service. Heck, you just wanted to buy one item! Maybe it was the time you had to click your finger raw, just to jump through the hoops of an online shopping cart. Yeah, the temptation to just forget it is right there!

Don’t frustrate your customers with intricate ordering processes. Most likely, they just want to place the order in a few minutes and be done. Let them get frustrated, and they’ll go elsewhere; Or just abandon the idea altogether.

Follow Up

One of my favorite catalog companies always closes out the sale with a special buy that is available only at the time of purchase. I’m not an impulsive shopper by any stretch of the imagination, but it stops me in my tracks every time. I know it’s a one-time shot, and I really consider whether I want or need it before I hang up the phone.

How many items would your customers buy if you were to follow up every sale with a special offer? Internet marketers have a world of options at their fingertips. The products you offer don’t even have to be yours… and you can still make a profit!

Affiliate marketing is sweeping the Web. Think about it… would your customers benefit from an ebook that deals with the product they are purchasing? You can offer it to them, and let the owner handle the ordering process while you collect the commission. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 and profitable too!

Boosting your sales numbers and profit dollars isn’t as tough as it sounds. Implement these 4 simple selling techniques, and watch your sales steadily climb… and just think… they didn’t cost you a penny!

Winning Sales Strategies To Market With!

Attention-getting ads get results

Think about it…how many advertisements do you hear every day…how about every hour? Let’s face it, we’re bombarded with magazine ads, newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, and the Internet is plastered with ads on every site. Not many of the astronomical number of advertisements stick with us, and make an impact.

How can you make your ad STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? Make a dramatic statement: “Even my dog knows ….” Surprise them with the unexpected: “Use for 30 days totally free…” Ask a thought provoking question: “Is your current insurance costing you hundreds of extra dollars every year?” Use high impact headlines – it’s important to snag their attention right away.

Get personal

How many times have you been caught in the cycle of automated phone services? Yeh, you push 15 numbers and end up back at the main menu and never did talk to a sales rep. People are hungry for personal interaction in the marketplace. Look for ways to make your business a personal experience that your customers will appreciate. Get to know something about the people who walk through your doors.

Let the people who visit your website know something about you. Yeh, it’s easier to trust an individual than a huge impersonal company…and trust is crucial to building a pool of loyal customers.

Paint a picture

Ah, the end of a hectic week has finally arrived! As I lock the doors on a still cluttered office, my mind wanders to the many things that will demand my attention this weekend. I long to just escape the demanding voices…escape to the waters of the lake across town. It would be like heaven to plop myself across the back seat of a boat, and watch the sea gulls dip and dive as the waves rock me peacefull to sleep. Yep, I can almost hear the sound of their splashing when the clang of metal alerts me to the fact that I’ve dropped my keys.

Put your customers on the boat. Yeah, painting word pictures that capture their emotions will be more effective that the raw facts of the benefit your product offers. Describe what the benefits will do for them, vividly and in great detail…get them panting for the end result. Paint your way to a sale!

Think about it…the 3 tactics we’ve talked about deal with human emotions or behaviors, rather than your product itself. Yeah, when we affect the inner part of the customer, our sales are likely to see great results… and hey, they’ll feel good while they’re writing out the check! What more could you ask for?