Blogging and Teenagers: Perfect Together!

The blogging movement

Today’s teenagers are the first generation to have grown up using the Internet at every stage of their development, as evidenced by the seemingly innate sense of Web technology usage skills and familiarity possessed by many adolescents when expressing their innermost thoughts and ideas.

It’s true that blogs are created on a daily basis by people of all ages and from all walks of life, but in the case of blogging as a communication vehicle, teen bloggers are truly on the cutting edge of that movement; and while older writers often experience a kind of learning curve when they begin to blog, many young people find that using a word processor and blogging software is a more natural and direct mode of communication than writing in a diary could ever be.

One of the reasons for blogs having undergone kind of an explosive growth in the teen community, and is still expanding by leaps and bounds, is the fact that they provide a unique mixture of visibility and anonymity. A teenager can invite friends and peers to read his or her blog with a simple email, thereby attracting the attention or possibly even praise for the content s/he is creating and sharing.

Communicating through blogs

Of course, with visibility usually comes the possibility of embarrassment, but having the ability to blog anonymously with an invented handle or nickname, negates a lot of the potential for humiliation. In fact, there are many blogging teens who live in fear of their blog being discovered by a parent or guardian; but by publishing under an alias teenagers can spill their fiercely-guarded secrets without fear of being traced.

Outside the world of blogging, teen writers often have very limited opportunities to be published; because magazines and journals are often reluctant to publish young writers who may not have as much credibility as older writers who possess a lot of experience and extensive credits to their names. And this kind of reticence can discourage many adolescents from seeking the opportunity to publish their work, or from writing altogether.

With the advent of blogging as a vehicle, young people can begin to gain a following of readers without first having to obtain the approval and support of an editor or publisher who may not be very interested in teenaged authors; and in view of the fact that blogs provide young people with a chance to demonstrate their impressive technical aptitude, to gain visibility without compromising privacy, and to build a readership for their writing without having to jump through the traditional hoops of a publishing industry which shows little interest in their work, it comes as no surprise so many teenagers blog.

…And the social aspect

For some teenagers, blogging serves as a social endeavor that allows them to meet people with similar interests from all over the world; and a great number of blogging teens have discovered that having a personal blog on the Web is as great a way to explore self-expression and to win positive feedback from new friends as any other medium in existence today.

Business Owners Blogging for Success

Your business blog

If you run a small company, you may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of, because blogging is a great way to get the word out to consumers about your product or service; and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty and helping you keep your workers at peak morale.

Keep in mind that people blog for a variety of reasons, consisting mostly of profit; and you’ll find that many of these bloggers are not individuals with extraordinary high intellect, but bloggers who possess only a basic grasp of blogging technology and a willingness to work hard. However, many bloggers who start out only to make a profit but do not have a plan with which to do so, often fail to reach that goal.

But if you already have a business, a reasonable assumption would be that you are also familiar with plans, goals and objectives, unlike many bloggers who have unrealistic expectations of how fast their readership will grow, and how much money they will make; and when their expectations are not met disappointment sets in and expectations remain unmet.

See the whole picture

You, on the other hand, can take your business to the next level by starting a blog, creating a plan and avoiding some of the unique pitfalls and strengths involved in blogging; because the key to having a successful blog as a business owner is keeping your goals clear and concrete at every step of your blogging objective, since it can be all too easy to get sidetracked while working with the blogging technology; but if you want your blog to succeed you need to stay focused.

You cannot afford to think only about profit, gut rather on your long-term goals, one of which is to establish a loyal readership and build upon it, because the larger your readership, the more traffic your blog will attract and this will help your business to grow, both from your customer base and from the advertising revenue you will receive as a result of the large traffic volume coming to your blog.

So write up a plan for how often you will update your blog and how you will promote it, as well as retain readers; plus you can consider whether or not to feature photographs and/or videos on your blog, in addition to other aspects of your business; and then stick to your plan with the same kind of determination that you used when you built your company.

Learn and grow rich

You can learn a valuable lesson from the many bloggers who spend all of their time writing posts and almost no time marketing their project, especially since you have a business to manage. Of course you should update your blog on a regular basis, but also take the necessary time to promote your business by way of a link to your blog submitted to the search engines, directories and other websites of similar subject matter.

Understand that even if you are a marketing genius or have a really great idea for a blog, achieving success is not going to happen overnight; but rather by building the kind of readership that is necessary to maximize the exposure for your business, and in so doing, continue to increase your customer base on a month-to-month basis until; such time as you can be comfortable with the results of your blog marketing achievements and confident that you’ve achieved success.