Catchy URLs Can Add Value to Money-Making Articles

One of the first things an article marketer will need to do after deciding on a niche topic is to choose a catchy URL (Uniform Resource Locator or web address); and if the marketer needs a little inspiration s/he might leave the choice of an article URL for last. Whether such a selection is first or last, however, it is important that whatever the URL is, it should be one that will stand out and be easy to remember for those visitors who plan on returning to the site.

Before proceeding further, it may be helpful to take a closer look at exactly what is being referred to with the terms “URL” and “Web address,” since a URL could be used to describe a number of different things. Think of it in the sense that every website, Web page and blog must be located at an extension of a domain name or the domain name itself, such that when a particular site is being searched for the first thing the searcher might type is (the domain) and then type “/” after which the extension is typed (“index.html,” “pagename.html,” or other identifier).

“Most web browsers display the URL of a web page above the page in an address bar” which in most cases will be displayed with “http://” preceding the domain. Thus is the format which typically describes a URL or Web address of a site, page, document or other resource found on the Internet. While there is much more that can be said about URLs, URIs, domains and Web addresses, the information provided above should be enough for the purpose of this article.

That having been said, it is important to note that article writers are often in search of creative ways to convey thoughts to their readers, and to that end they need new ideas as well as inspiration; but even after they have completed an article it is still necessary to find a “catchy” or creative URL to adequately describe their article’s location on the Web if they expect to get maximum exposure for their work, thereby increasing its monetary value.

One suggestion for finding a catchy URL is to take a look at the various keywords that have been selected for use with the niche being written about to see if any of those keywords have a catchy or memorable quality. For example, if the niche is “oomph”, suggested names might be “MegaOomph,” “Oomph4u,” “HouseofOomph,” or “OomphKingdom;” All be original titles which explain what the niche is and, most importantly, will be easy for visitors to remember.

The ease with which a URL can be remembered is among the most important elements in marketing an article, product, website or anything else, because folks have a tendency to gravitate towards that which is easy to deal with (“path of the least resistance?”); So if you are the article marketer, visitors to your site (or URL) will respond in a similar fashion by returning to your site – since you have made it easy to remember – instead of clicking on other affiliate links.