Business Owners Should Have Resumes Too

The business owner’s resume

When asked to give their impression of business owners, most normal, everyday people would probably paint a picture of individuals who are always busy dealing with things that pertain to keeping their business profitable and running smoothly; and if you asked them whether or not they believe a business owner needs to have an up-to-date resume, they would probably answer with a resounding “no” which would seem, at first glance, to be the most practical answer; but when you think about it a little more the reverse is actually true.

This is because small business owners – based on the very nature of their standing in the community, as well as the responsibilities they have undertaken – should have an updated resume so they can share their professional experiences with likely investors, potential vendors, prospective clients, and other entities they must deal with in order to operate a credible, trusted and profitable business. In other words having an updated resume is critical for any professional, even if that professional is not in search of a job.

functional resume

A resume for the potentially self-employed

Consider, for example, that you have a viable business idea which might be good enough to start your own business with. In order to take the preliminary steps towards implementing your idea, it is important that you also have a polished, professional, well-written resume which you will need to present – along with your business plan – in order to secure investment dollars for your business and get started. This type of resume should be written as if you are applying to be a business owner of the organization you wish to start.

You might say that this sounds a bit silly, since you would of course be working for yourself; but it’s important for the potentially self-employed to show their investors that they have the professional experience required to run a business of the type being proposed; and their qualifications, career goals, education and prior experience should all be aligned with whatever business venture they are pursuing. But that’s not all, because once you have started your own business, you will come in contact with vendors, independent contractors, and clients who will want to know what you are about before they decide to do business with you.

A resume specific to its recipient

While you can promote your business through a web site, or other advertising media, if you are new to what you are attempting to do, people will want to know about you; so to help convince them of your abilities, you can use a resume to apprise them of your qualifications. Of course you can use the same resume for your vendors and/or clients as you used for your investors; but keep in mind that any financial goals pertaining to the business which may be necessary for your investors, should never appear on the resume or personal letter you send to your clients or business partners.

about resumes, cover letters and interviews

Just take steps to insure that your professional summary is changed to appropriately show how you would service your clients or your vendors; but a statement about client satisfaction would be necessary (enough?) in a resume which you would share with prospective clients. Additionally, as a small business owner, you may have an opportunity to branch out into another business, start a new location of your existing business, partner with another company, or even have an opportunity to go work for a larger company in your field.

Having a resume on hand

In each of these scenarios, you may need an up-to-date resume highlighting your professional and entrepreneurial experience, so it is best to have a prepared resume; and keep updating it or customizing it for specific audiences as necessary. You really should avoid finding yourself in a position of not having a resume when one is requested, or having to develop a resume from a blank page in a short period of time, since this would tend to expose you to appearing unprofessional, and not representing yourself or your business in a professional and serious manner.

Chronological Resume Template: Resume Solution, What you Need to Creat your US and Canadian Resume (Template, Resume, Functional, Jobs, Opportunities)

Make no mistake about the importance of this very real item which should be a part of your important document file; because you will definitely want to have a well-written resume that is well well-formatted and error-free even if you do own your own business. In the final analysis, marketing yourself well and marketing your business well, will assure your success as a business owner, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a larger enterprise.

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