Web Marketing Tips is one of several websites owned and maintained by TPJaveton & Associates, a Web-based entity owned and managed by Tony Phillips. Tony is a thirty two (32) year veteran of the real estate and mortgage lending industry who now devotes one hundred percent of his time to the operations of TPJaveton & Associates and other online business activities.

Marketing on the Web consists of many different areas, niches and specialties, but popular Web marketing methods such as Email Campaigns, Article Writing & Publishing, Website Creation & Publishing, Blogging and Niche Marketing are just a few among those methods which we will discuss in greater detail throughout these pages.

A good tip or technique that works for one person may indeed work for someone else who is working on a similar project. That is the spirit in which this site was created; So whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in the Web marketing field or a veteran well advanced in a Web marketing career or business, you may be able to use a tip or technique that, when added to what you’re doing, makes the difference for you.

We hope the information on these pages will provide a few tips, techniques and/or ideas relevant to your own Web marketing business and that you will come back to our site on a regular basis, but until then you may find the following websites to be of some interest to you:

  • Live Internet training
  • Web Connections
  • Marketing Internet’s Niche treasures
  • FREE Tools & Resources
  • Free PLR Content
  • Bonus Web Hosting
  • Free website creation
  • We hope this information is of some assistance to you in your Web marketing pursuits. Thanks.

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