PPC in Your Affiliate Marketing Business? Profits!

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click, which is one of four basic “pay for action” traffic software engines, and probably the most cost-effective way of targeted advertising on the Internet. According to an old Forbes magazine article from 2005, PPC accounted then for over 2 billion dollars a year and was expected to increase to around 8 billion dollars by the year 2008. However, as recent as 2011 Google’s reported income was over 37 billion dollars, 97% of which was derived from PPC advertising through its AdWords engine.

Let us take a quick look at how PPC platforms work.

These engines create listings and rate them based on a bid amount the website owner is willing to pay for each click from that search engine. Advertisers bid against each other to receive higher rankings for specific keywords or phrases.

The highest bidder for a certain keyword or phrase will then have the site ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines followed by the second and third highest bidder, up to the last number that have placed a bid on the same keyword or phrase. Your ads then will appear prominently on the results pages based on the bid amount in dollars you will agree to pay per click.

How do you make money by using PPC into your affiliate marketing business?

Most affiliate programs only pay when a sale is made or a lead generated after a visitor has clicked through from your site to the advertiser’s designated landing/product page and make a purchase. Your earnings are usually not the same as they will be dependent on the web site content and the traffic market. But a PPC platform is designed to pay when a visitor clicks on any link or banner associated with the PPC program whether a sale is made or not.

The reason a website owner should incorporate PPC into into his/her affiliate marketing program is because earnings are easier to make than in any other kind of affiliate program not using PPC. This way, you will be making profit based on the clicks your visitors make on the advertiser’s links and banners. Unlike some programs, you are not paid per sale or per action, but rather per click.

PPC can be very resourceful as one of the methods of monetization on your website, because with PPC platforms like Google AdSense and/or Yahoo! Bing Network (AdSense and YBN are two leading PPC platforms) ads incorporated into your affiliate program, you will be able to profit from the visitor’s who are not interested in your own products and services, but might click on another link or banner which interest them more. These may be some of same visitors who leave your site and never comes back.

You will not only get commissions from those who are just searching the web and finding products and services they really want, but you will be able to build your site’s recognition as a valuable resource. Visitors who found what they needed from you site are likely to come back and review what you are offering more closely; and then eventually come back to search the web for other products.

This kind of affiliate program is also an easy way for you to generate some additional revenue. For example, when a visitor on your site does a search in the PPC Search Engine bar (resource in addition to links and banners) and clicks on the advertiser designated listings, those advertisers’ accounts will then be debited because of that click. With this, you will be compensated based on the advertisers’ bid amount.

PPC is not only a source of generating easy profits; it can also help you promote your own site. Most of the programs allow commissions received to be spent for advertising with them instantly and with no minimum earning requirement. This is one of the more effective ways to exchange your raw visitors for targeted surfers who have more tendencies to purchase your products and services.

What will happen if or when you integrate PPC into your affiliate program?

PPC usually have ready-to-use affiliate tools that can be easily be integrated into your website. The most common tools are search boxes, banners, text links and some 404-error pages. Most search engines utilize custom solutions and can provide you with a white-label affiliate program. This will enable you to integrate remotely-hosted, co-branded search engine ads into your website using only a few lines of code.

The key benefits? Not only will more money be generated for you, but it is in the form of extra money on the side. Plus lifetime commissions once you have referred some webmaster friends to the engine.

Think about it. Where can you get all these benefits while already generating some income for your site? Knowing some of the more useful tools that can be used for your affiliate program is not a waste of time, but rather another stream of income within your already established income. In other words, it’s best know more about how you can use PPC ad platforms’ resources with your affiliate program than miss out on a great opportunity to earn more profits.

Do You Have the Moxie to be an Affiliate Marketer?

Each of us has as his/her own, an interest or hobby that we enjoy or are passionate about. Some of us love books, music, and movies while others are into sports and traveling; and still others love to grow flowers and adore pets. These interests/hobbies help us to relax and forget about our everyday problems and other things that trouble us. There are things which can be considered common to people; but not everyone has a hobby that makes money, except those who might love their jobs, which is not a common iteration.

A money-making hobby is an ideal way for an individual to spend his/her time, since it could help that person to treat his/her family and friends every once in a while to something special with the extra cash s/he earns from that activity. In fact some money-making hobbies even make it possible for a number of people to quit their steady jobs which they most certainly hate. It is for this reason that many of today’s independent minded individuals go online to start a business, either to supplement their income or to gradually replace their “nine-to-five.”

Affiliate marketing has been, and still is, considered a great way to start making money online!

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between a web merchant and one or more affiliates. The merchant pays his/her affiliate(s) a commission for referring clicks, leads or most sales to a product page or website which is owned by that merchant. The advantage for an affiliate per this arrangement is that s/he can make money in a business where s/he does not have the upfront costs of creating product; but s/he also doesn’t have to worry about e-commerce, bookkeeping or customer support since these tasks are the merchant’s responsibility.

Now, for sure you want to be an affiliate marketer having learned of all those benefits an affiliate could get, right? But do you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer? Before you begin your venture into affiliate marketing, you need to first decide which area interests you. What products do you know the most about and which products you could do the best job at selling? Once you discover your specialty, perseverance, patience and determination comes next. These are the qualities you should possess if you wish to be a good affiliate marketer.

Too many online business prospectors lose out because they become impatient; so an important assessment you should do is of yourself to determine what your strengths are, the things which you are good at and your capabilities and abilities related to your chosen area. That having been said, it is as important as anything else to have a strong desire to succeed in the affiliate marketing vocation.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is not an easy task, because you have to learn the techniques of marketing your product or service; and you really shouldn’t be looking at every affiliate product/service that comes along since marketing is all about attracting you to look at this or that particular opportunity. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you should learn how to listen and to be taught because in life we need to learn skills in order to succeed in just about any endeavor we pursue.

As an affiliate marketer you should know how to effectively market your website, because doing so will enable you to get thousands of visitors coming to your site; and those visitors will transform into more sales for you. This only means that the faster you set up a website, the bigger your chances of making money online in a shorter period of time.

You should also avoid the same mistakes some affiliates make everyday, in the sense that they only building a short-term business where they just make a small sale or two. Make sure you do understand that you should be building a long-term affiliate business and not just something that makes you a few dollars on one sale.

It is also better to have knowledge about how to up-sell your visitors for more expensive services. This will in turn help you to become recognized as an expert in your field, thus making it easier to make money. There are some individuals who think that just by having affiliate links on their website(s) will bring them good profits. This can have some truth to it, but then most successful affiliates still believe that making use of strong marketing campaigns for their affiliate programs is the way to go.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketers become much more successful when they treat their customers or online visitors as friends. Make a commitment to establish relationships with your customers and especially with visitors to your site. It is very important for an affiliate marketer to have a good business relationship with customers or website visitors. Be creative since one of the real keys to success in affiliate marketing is to develop a good content-based website and weave your affiliate links into your content. You have to provide your prospects with good, quality content to keep them coming back to your site.

So, the question is one you pose to yourself: Do you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer?