Drive Web Traffic To Your Site Using These 9 Techniques

Techniques for boosting website traffic

So you’ve finally set up a website packed with very useful information which you think will benefit your visitors. Day to day you update your website with the most recent information by publishing articles, while hoping people will visit it and find your content useful.

But day in day and day out you check your website traffic stats just to find there are no comments and very low impressions. One reason for this and maybe the main reason is, nobody knows about your website.

You see, there are millions of website on the World Wide Web, so when you put your website up on Web, no one will know about it if you do not announce it. By this I mean that you need to drive traffic to your website. That having been said, the next question becomes…HOW? The answer to that question is the topic of this post.

The following website traffic techniques are in no particular order of importance, but each one is an important cog in your “drive traffic to my website” machine, and you can start using them now to get traffic moving to your website.

Search engine submissions to audio postcards

Submitting or Adding Your Site to Major Search Engines – Search engines submission will increase your Page Ranking position, such that when your web page is ranked in a high position on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), your website will be easily searched and seen by Internet users as long as your pages contain the user’s search term.
Focus on the major search engines such as Google , Yahoo and MSN. Just don’t use the free submission service or fee submission which will submit to many search engines because those services might hurt your page ranking as many of them have been banned by the major search engines.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing – If you have set up a sufficient enough marketing budget, you could use Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing service provided by Google (Google Adwords) & Yahoo. PPC is one of more effective ways to drive traffic to your website, as long as you have the budget for it.

Audio Postcard for email marketing – The Web has been around for only a short time, comparatively speaking, but it has gone through a number of revolutions, so to speak. The once silent web can now talk in the form of videos, audio tools and integrated human voice audio clips, all of whch are now being used to help you to promote your website.

Because the human voice has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to click “Order Now” buttons faster and with less resistance, is a very powerful tool you can use to help you drive significant traffic to your website.

Press releases to link trading

Press Announcements/Releases – A Press Announcement/Release can be one of the most effective methods of creating backlinks to your website and it really help in your page rank positions. Websites like  will provide FREE press release/announcement service, and you can utilize it to drive traffic to your website.

Article Submissions – Articles submission to article banks and directories is one of the best ways to expose your website to the public. There are many visitors that frequent these sites to look for related information and your articles could be among their search results … if you submit them.

Trade Link Request and One Way Incoming Links – One search engine optimization technique is to have as many incoming links to your website as possible. You could request to trade links or link exchanges with other webmaster, but be mindful of “Best Practices” when performing such activities.

One way incoming link occurs when another website links to yours without the need of you to link back to it. If your website has useful information to other websites, they probably will add a link to their website and link to yours. There are many websites that provide one-way links service, but almost all of them require a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

RSS feeds to viral marketing, blogs and forums

RSS Feed – Make sure you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to. The acronym RSS means Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is a document type that lists updates of websites or blogs available for syndication.

Viral Marketing – Viral marketing is another way to say “word-of-mouth”. On the Web, “word-of-mouth” spread very fast thru email. The key to successful viral marketing is to send out something that people want to share. That can be anything from a joke, funny story or link to a home-made video and put your website link in it.

Blogs and Forums – Blogs & forums invite comments from readers and most of them will allow you to leave a link in your signature line. This is another way to create back-links and drive traffic to your website.

Manual Traffic Exchanges Filling the Traffic Void.

The viability of a traffic exchange solution

Can manual traffic exchanges fill the traffic void for you? MTEs come a dime a dozen on the Web. Just do a search of the term and you will get about 3,930,000 results. That having been said, they are people who say traffic exchanges really work, and others who feel that they are a waste of time. However, as with most other systems on the Web, there is a method of using manual traffic exchanges that will help you to get the best results, so you need to do your homework.

There are many manual traffic exchanges that depend on bells and whistles to attract members, they present games to play, bonus credits for answering questions while surfing, (some of the questions are to discourage cheating, and failure to answer them correctly could result in the suspension of your account); but first you need to know your target audience.

Most people who use traffic exchanges – manual and auto – are not looking to join your program or buy your product, they are looking for the same thing you are. How to get more traffic to their website or product page. They are looking for information. Information is what sells on traffic exchanges, information on how to get more traffic to the members’ websites/pages.

Traffic exchanges can be useful

So how does this help you if you are not selling information? The answer is splash pages and squeeze pages! Use splash pages and squeeze pages to collect leads, then develop personal relationship with them and introduce them to your product or service.

Next you’ll need to find the best traffic exchanges for your purposes. Different people have success with different traffic exchanges even when they promote the same page. Why? The answer to this question will depend on a number of things… What time you surf, how often you surf, etc.

To join a few traffic exchanges for driving traffic to your website, you will need a tabbed browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Firefox is highly recommended because of the extra virus protection it provides, but some have had issues with that browser, so if Firefox won’t work for you try Google Chrome, which is also tabbed, or another tabbed browser of your choice.

Learn the TE features and procedures

Set up your traffic exchanges in groups according to their timer. Timers run anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, and the closer the timers the smoother your surfing will be. Try to surf no more than 5-8 traffic exchanges at a time, but no more than 10, and keep a look out for the same pages as many pages have the member’s name and/or a photo on them.

If you see the same page over and over, one of two things are happening. One, the member has put his/her page in the exchange more than once – which is encouraged by some traffic exchanges – or; Two, most likely you really are seeing the same page over and over.

If this is the case you don’t want to waste your hard earned credits in that particular traffic exchange. If in doubt use the traffic exchange(s) with a built-in hit ratio. This tells you what percentage your page(s) will be viewed by unique members each day. Some owners only care about the quantity of clicks and not the quality of those clicks – but more often than not – quality will be preferred over quantity, although both are important in the traffic exchange arena.

Use traffic exchanges that deliver best results

Set a certain time to surf, twice a day if possible and the amount of time you can devote to surfing each day. Surf each exchange about an hour each day, for instance if you have three hours to surf each day divide your traffic exchanges into three groups. Whatever time you can allot to surfing, it’s a good idea to divide it up evenly.

You also have to track your pages to see which ones are working and which ones you need to change. If a page works in some exchanges and not in others, simply change the ones that are not working or remove them from the traffic exchange that it isn’t working in. Make sure to always have an extra splash page ready to try in your traffic exchanges.

And remember that the bigger the exchange the more people see your page, but that doesn’t always mean that it is the best exchange. You may get more signups from some of the smaller exchanges than the biggest ones. So if you want more bang for your click, don’t just settle for bells and whistles, do your “Due Diligence” and select the best traffic exchange that suit your traffic needs.