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Motivation and Commitment Fuels Home-Based Business

It has been said by some of the most recognized names in the network marketing, and by more than a handful of motivational speakers, that the success or failure of any enterprise – including a home-based business – is dependent upon attitude and inspiration. However, with a ample supply of both these elements, starting a business still requires enough money to sustain yourself until the business begins to turn a profit, or at least becomes self-sufficient.

This means that you must continue in your salaried position while doing everything you can to grow your home-based business to a satisfactory income level. How much time you invest in your own business will determine how long you have to work at both jobs; and the plan you devise for the success of your HBB, and the kind of commitment you make to accomplishing such success is predicated upon your level of motivation.

1. The Motivation

It’s hardly a secret any longer that in our society most people hate their jobs. Numerous studies show that most people simply dread going to work Monday morning, and they live for the freedom of the weekend, which is not pure because we know that it is only a temporary freedom. Let’s face it, enjoying a Sunday evening is hard to do when the Monday morning alarm clock is just a few hours away.

Anyone who ever worked in a corporate office setting – which probably means the majority of us – knows that uneasy feeling that overtakes your entire being while trying to enjoy the Sunday afternoon barbeque party while keeping tabs on the time; the food and drink intake; the clothes to be laid out for next day’s work; and the tasks expected to be completed once you arrive at work on Monday morning. Your mind can be entirely in a different place far away from the party.

People hating their jobs seems to be a practical emotion when one considers what oftentimes take place at those jobs:

A lot of kissing up to the boss for various reasons. Endless meetings with little or no discernible improvement. Pointless time-wasting interruptions by supervisors who do nothing but waste your time and ride you about work you know how to do and often have already done. Co-workers who would quickly stab you in the back in order to raise their own profiles and self-worth.

With everything considered, most people can argue that working for someone else creates a regimented style of life for them and their families. Having to arrive at work by 8:00am dictates that – depending on the distance you have travel – you must be up by at least 7:00am whether your body wants to get up at that hour or not; but you haven’t a choice so you drag yourself out of bed, sleepy head and all, start preparing for work, and make the trip. For many people, getting away from this daily grind is enough motivation to start their own HBB. Of course there are other motivations, but for many quitting their 9 to 5 jobs is a big one.

The Commitment

Choosing to work at home by any individual should be a decision made for reasons other than just escaping the yoke of their master, so to speak. This kind of decision is a deep, firm and in many cases, life-altering undertaking which makes a statement reasserting that health, happiness and prosperity depend essentially on the freedom to work for himself or herself, and in so doing, places more emphasis on self-fulfillment as the true reason for the decision to start a work-at-home business.

Make no mistake, to start and operate any business one must necessarily make a 100 percent – and sometimes 110 percent – commitment to that business if s/he expects it to be a successful venture; and in the case of a home business when time (not necessarily commitment) has to be shared with the salaried job, it must be emphasized that to be successful in a HBB situation, you have to be nothing less than a fanatic.

Fanatic is defined by Dictionary.com as “a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.” Got the picture? Utter, passionate, uncritical enthusiasm to making your HBB not only a successful venture, but a profound commitment to your life. You must be convinced that a return to an outside office job would be the equivalent of a spiritual death sentence. Your attitude cannot be ‘I hate my office job but I have to compromise my HBB because – after all – the job is really ‘not so bad,’ since it pays the bills, and I can stick it out because have to.”

If you truly want to be successful at replacing your day job with your HBB, there cannot be any room for such compromises in your soul. You have to take the attitude that to working any longer at your hateful job is equivalent to being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease (say cancer, for example), a cure for which is available, and choosing instead to forgo the cure, thereby causing your own suffering and ultimate demise.

Is the Comfort of Your Home Conducive to Making Money?

By now you must be familiar with the phrase, ‘Work From the Comfort of Your Home and Make Money’ and you might have heard it in the form of a pitch, an advertisement, or some other form of presentation made by various marketers (Network marketers, MLMers and Web-based affiliates) attempting to entice you into their program or opportunity.

In fact, the reason this particular phrase has been used so much – and still is today – is because the marketers who employ it are fully aware of one unmistakable truth. That for millions of people, staying home and making money is the fondest and most desirous of dreams that they wish transformed into reality.

It is said by some that the expectation (or dread if you like) of returning to work Monday morning at 9:00AM is the cause of more illnesses and heart attacks than any other single cause of ill health, especially following a great weekend of fun and freedom. Who among us would want to return to the same boring routine, stuck in a cubicle eagerly awaiting the clock to strike 5:00PM?

Make sure to keep the above paragraph in mind though, when someone offers you an opportunity or success formula, the logic and practicality of which suggests that the only sane thing you can do is to take your job and shove it, because with your skill, knowledge and experience you can’t miss making enough money to live and pay all your bills. The brilliance idea makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Yes, we want so much to believe that this beautiful dream is in fact to become our reality. But wait, open your eyes and look around you to see what is possible while fully realizing that, of course, a dream and reality are always two different things; and bringing yourself to understand that it is possible to operate a business from your own home; a business that is more than just a hobby or source of part-time income.

How do you know? Because so many people have done it before and have had success. Some have had enormous success from their home-based business. So you will have to examine yourself in a way that – perhaps – you haven’t done before. This self-examination will consist of many questions, some of which you MUST have concise answers to:

  • What will you do in a home business?
  • Do you possess the discipline require to stick with it until it works?
  • What will your spouse think about it?
  • Will s/he be supportive in times of struggle?
  • Can you get rich working out of your own home?
  • Can you really trade your cubical and necktie for blue jeans and your own den?

These are just some of the questions you will want to carefully consider and then arrive at reasonable answers that will be satisfactory to your spouse and family. And while you are busy contemplating you will need information (facts, stats and examples) about others who came before you and were faced with similar questions and decisions; and you will do your own research to find that home-based business industry was one of the fastest growing in America for the past 8 years and is still growing at a rapid pace today.

As far back as eleven years ago (2002) the U.S. Department of Labor indicated that as many as 70 million people will be working out of their homes by the year 2005, but according to a United States Census Bureau in a June, 2011 report, more than “…half (51.6 percent) of all businesses that responded to the 2007 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) were operated primarily from someone’s home in 2007.”

So in support of the home-based business growth rate there is solid data on which to base your decision. This type of business can and does work; but here is additional data from the same report which puts things a little bit in perspective for you: “Only 6.9 percent of these home-based businesses had $250,000 or more in receipts, while 57.1 percent of home-based businesses brought in less than $25,000.”

So there is an overwhelming majority of home-based workers who are not exactly getting rich based on the numbers above. The lesser income reflected above is hardly enough to sustain a bachelor’s lifestyle, not to mention a spouse and a couple of young ones. However, there is still a decision to be made which now relies more heavily on your confidence, ability and level of commitment. What will it be? We know that a home-based business is not for everyone. Is it for you?